"Avery" stands for "Kick Ass Little Girl!"

Remember my friend Dana’s little girl Avery? The one who was born with a heart condition and required open-heart surgery at 6 months old?

Well, it happened on July 10th, and I am happy to say: SHE KICKED ASS!

The heart surgery lasted 5 hours and Avery spent the following 24 hours in the cardiac intensive care unit. After that, she was moved to a standard hospital room. To Dana and Chris’ amazement, Avery was smiling and cooing 24 hours after surgery. And she was discharged from the hospital Friday night (3 days after open-heart surgery!).

The last few weeks of recovery have been hard on Dana and Chris, mainly due to all the medications Avery requires. But overall, Avery is doing just great! Dana’s mom flew in to help with that and also to help with care of their older son, Lucas (yet another member of the “Cutest Kids on the Planet” Club).

But, just to show you what a fighter this little girls is, check out pictures of her from her hospital stay. I can’t believe the light and joy you can see in her face.

So. soon. after. surgery.

Dana and Chris have reason to be proud of this child, that is for certain.

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  1. Anonymous


  2. joansy

    I’m so happy to hear she’s doing well. She’s beautiful!

  3. Meghann

    What a gorgeous little baby, and so awesome that she is doing well!

  4. Andy

    She is absolutely beautiful. It’s wonderful she’s doing so well. She’s gorgeous!

  5. Sue at nobaddays

    Yay Avery! Thanks for the the update.

  6. Diane

    Great news!

  7. g-man

    Woo Hoo!! 🙂

  8. Nadine

    Oh wow, what a story! And such a beautiful little and happy girl. Yay for the good news!

  9. Sarah


  10. Jane

    That is amazing! How wonderful that she is going so well. I can’t believe how alert she is in those photos! Simply gorgeous little girl!

  11. sue

    Such good news!

  12. nutmeg

    Go Avery! There is such life in her eyes.

  13. Anonymous

    She is lovely. Just lovely.

  14. samantha jo campen


    She knows she’s gonna feel better, that’s why she’s a happy girl.

    Congratulations all around on this wonderful news!

  15. mayberry

    I’m powering through my reader and barely stopping but had to pause here for a long time and admire that gorgeous girl. GO AVERY!

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