Awesome Classroom Assignment for Valentine’s Day

One of the mottos at Dex’s school is to teach the whole child. I love how sometimes that means emotional growth, not just academics.

For Valentine’s Day, they were asked to write a personal note to every single other classmate. Not just “Happy V-day, Love – Me.”

Dex decided to give them a wrapped box of candy too, and most importantly, Dex had to really think about what he was saying to each child.

My favorite note is to Milo:

“You are always getting your work done while blowing stuff up!”

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  1. OMSH

    If only there had been more Milos throughout my education it might not have been so tedious for me!

  2. MarthaT

    This is really cool. And I like how each kid gets one with a v personalized message. Makes everyone feel good and no one feel under-valentinized.

  3. Sunny Hunt

    This is awesome. So much better than the standard box of nerds with the punched out generic card.

    I think I’m going to steal this idea and make my son do this next year.

    In a world where everything is becoming de-personalized and cookie cutter this adds real value to the giver and receiver.

  4. Aimee Giese

    Thanks y’all! OMSH, trust me – Milo is such a hilarious kid! Love him so much!

  5. Sarah Park

    This is very sweet. My kid also made a special card in school for the Valentines Day. I was so touched.

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