When people ask how I met Monika, we usually look at each other and shrug. Twitter? Ignite Boulder? A concert? All of the above?

It was quite a while ago for sure, and that lady has become a most cherished friend. The difference in our ages makes us more like sisters sometimes, although Monika is quite mature and me… not so much. So basically we meet in the middle?

What *is* clearly defined, though, is how Monika met Jonathon. And then married him 23 days later.

I remember it distinctly because I am there in that timeline, at Day 5 Concert. I got a text while they were in route, “I am bringing a guy. I want your opinion.”

I liked him a lot.

What Jon and I learned later that we disagree on just about everything from politics to tech but that it is super fun to jab at each other. He is wicked smart and hilarious.

I also learned along with Monika’s family and friends that they got married on November 13, 2012… at the courthouse… and went back to work.

Monika called me, “I have something to tell you.”

Um, yeah.

I wasn’t opposed to the wedding or Jon as much as worried that they had not weathered any storms together. Remember, I am the older sister in this relationship.

But here we are a year and a half later, and their wedding party is finally happening tomorrow. Quick to wed, slow to celebrate. Family and friends from all over will be raising a glass to the couple that shocked us into remembering that sometimes you just know.

They have definitely had some trials, and watching them grow into a couple together has been an honor. I think the world of both of them and am proud they can take risks when they know something is right.

And while we see them out and about less now that they are settling into work and married life, I know we have nights like this in us still that we can save for special occasions. Like maybe tomorrow night?

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    What a sweet story! Congrats to them!

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