Drunk Wedding Podcast - Aimee & Bryan Giese

We Got Drunk and Talked About Our Wedding

(Just like everyone else) Our friends Jen and Mal started a podcast! But in typical awesome Jen and Mal fashion, it’s on a fun topic and involves alcohol. Let’s Get Drunk and Talk about Your Wedding. Bryan and I appeared on it recently, and talked about our – you guessed it – wedding. It was a fun walk down memory lane for us, in addition to having a bunch of daiquiris and Bud Light.

Aimee & Bryan – Drunk Wedding Podcast

Jen (and her husband Eric) are some of the people who have really helped us get through COVID, and have always been a good friends. So much so, that I had the honor of photographing their wedding, as well as doing the portraits for the podcast.

Drunk Wedding Podcast

And Mallory (plus her newlywed husband JD, who is the producer of the podcast) are people I have gotten to know through Jen (and Eric) and have the best time with.

Drunk Wedding Podcast

Another thing that is kind of amazing… and sad… the main German relative I talk about in the podcast passed away just this morning. So, I gotta send up some extra love to Tante Gretel, my grandmother’s sister – who would have been 100 years old in two weeks. One hundred! We joke on the podcast about how things have changed for Bryan and me, but imagine all the things she saw in her life. Much love to you, Pata!

German Siblings

But, yes, we had fun making the podcast – twice! – there was a Zoom recording that went missing early during COVID. Damn you technology! Naw, it’s OK – it just gave us a second opportunity to hang out with our lovely friends.

Hope you enjoy our episode. Cheers!

You can listen to Let’s Get Drunk and Talk about Your Wedding podcast on all of the places, but here are some links:

Drunk Wedding Podcast - Let's Get Drunk And Talk About Your Wedding

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