Back from the Wilderness!

Ha ha, if you can call a 5 room cabin with a kitchen, shower and washing machine the “wilderness.” Bryan, Declan and I slept in our tent in the laundry room, so it did feel a bit more like camping.

It was fun to get together with everyone, even if it was a bit cramped in the cabin with 11 people. The lake was absolutely lovely and the perfect size. Just big enough to be a full-fledged lake, but small enough to walk around. Declan had a blast looking at the “wild” life – butterflies, caterpillars, salamanders and rainbow trout. Danielle rigged up a fishing pole for him out of a big stick – so he tried his hand at casting a line or two. Who knew Danielle’s childhood family vacations were spent with a rod and reel?

Declan was a bit I-am-over-excited-so-I-can’t-sleep which leads to overly-cranky-and-whiney-kid-for-the-rest-of-the-weekend. Yesterday, he slept for an hour on the way home and then went right into a 3 hour nap in his own bed – so that tells you how tired he was.

Overall though, a very nice way to spend a long weekend.

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