Barns Courtney - Denver Concert Photos

Barns Courtney at Summit Denver

I have seen Barns Courtney play live several times and he never disappoints. This English singer/songwriter/musician spent his early years here in the States, which adds to his familiar-yet-exotic feel. Given the touring headaches everyone had the past few years, Barns is still out supporting 2019’s album 404, but he did gift us with a new single this year called “Supernatural.”

That pent up energy was definitely on display as Barns and his bandmates pretty much ping-ponged all over the stage all night. No complaints from the insanely packed room who sang along with every verse. I am not sure the eclectic group will. get my reference, but with his lightened hair, Barns Courtney was certainly throwing vibes of a young Leif Garrett – although, let’s be fair – Barns performs in a vastly more mature way, like maybe Mick Jagger. Definitely worth the wait and a fun night.

Barns Courtney doesn’t have any upcoming shows listed for 2023, but hopefully that means he’s working on a new album for us. We’re definitely ready!

Barns Courtney – Denver Concert Photos

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