Blizzard 2006

Well, it wasn’t quite as much as The Great Blizzard of 2003, I don’t think… (you know, the one where Declan was 6 months old and we were able to stick him into the snow like a flag for photo ops) – but I’m sure it sure was close. We closed the office again today and Declan’s school was also closed again today – which means he is now officially on Winter Break and won’t be back to school till January 9th! What the hell are we going to do to entertain him all that time?!?

And even with my jaunt to the store yesterday, we still ran out of milk – so we decided to go ahead and walk the 15 blocks to the store. Declan got the easy ride in the sled, and Bryan and I chatted away with all our neighbors along the way. It’s amazing how a few feet of snow brings out the best in people.

Of course, the bad news is we were forced to cancel our Christmas trip to Estes Park with Jeff and Danielle because of the weather. I swear to GOD, I am fricking JINXED, man. Be warned. Nobody plan a weekend trip with me ever again! At least not until Spring.

So, I guess we’ll definitely have a White Christmas. Unless you technically define a White Christmas as new snow – in which case, I will have to go running off screaming into the night. The white stuff is fun – up to a point.


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