Breaking with my convictions…

I have sworn for the past 5 years that my next car would be a Hyrbid. When that situation presented itself, I took a hard look around. While I really liked the Toyota Prius, at least half of my commute is highway driving and I just could not handle gunning it everyday to fight off the hordes of commuters that surround me. So, I bought a Honda Accord. It’s basically my Passat, with a few more bells and whistles in some areas and few less bells and whistles in other areas. I even got almost the exact same color.

And while the car buying experience is always the biggest, stupidest pain in the ass… it’s DONE. I am bummed I did not dive into the Hybrid arena this time around, but at least I have a reliable car with good gas mileage that I will enjoy driving.

But the highlight of the day was when, after watching Mama and Daddy wheel and deal with the finance people, and then sign our lives away… Declan started drawing yellow lines with X’s all over a piece of paper and asked us to sign… here.. and here.. and here… After we did that, he folded the paper over, wrote his name and handed it to us, saying, “If you need anything, here is my card.”

I swear that kid doesn’t miss a thing.

P.S. And Christina has free reign to tease me all she wants, since I called Accords “generic” when discussing them with her this week.

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