Bring on the neon spandex!

Bryan: {humming to himself while fixing breakfast} I want to know who has been screwing with my mental radio station at night. I woke up singing Pat Benatar in my sleep this morning. {singing in a high-pitched wail} You better runnnn! You better hiiiide!!!

Aimee: Wow. Sounds like a nightmare for you.

Bryan: Yeah. And it’s been happening for like the last 4 nights in a row. And it’s all 80’s music. {pause, with narrowed eyes} So, I totally suspect YOU.

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  1. Anonymous

    ha ha ha! I feel sorry for him.

  2. Sarah

    You better RUN! You better HIDE!

  3. TxGambit

    Ha, ha! I would suspect you too!

    Poor Bryan.

  4. Builder Mama


    Of course, one of my coworkers fell asleep last night to the 70’s station and ended up having Neil Diamond running through his head all day today, so tell Bryan that it could be soooo much worse.

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    LOL!! Bryan does an AWESOME Neil Diamond impression. It really *is* stellar.

  6. Anonymous

    that man is a NUT!

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