Can You Buy Green Power in Your State?

We have been part of Xcel Energy’s Wind Source program for many, many years now – and all the electricity in our house comes from wind. Which means I can leave the lights on all effing day and not feel one ounce of guilt! Just kidding.

What’s seriously cool is that it’s been going so long and it’s so popular, it now costs us very little to have wind power added to our bill every month.

And here’s a site I got in the (e)mail recently… you can check what is available in your area! Go lookie!



P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful that the environmental movement is finally getting some legs. Or wings. Or whatever damn metaphor you want to use. Thank {insert deity} people are starting to pay attention, starting to talk about it, and it’s starting to be an agenda item.

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  1. zipper

    Very cool site, thanks!

  2. Flower Child

    I don’t think we can get that – we live in such a corrupt place that I’m sure they burn books to create our electricity.

  3. Anonymous

    nice link. thanks!

  4. Debberoo

    If you can stand it I just tagged ya for 8 Random Things – a bit tough hot on the heels of the “6” but I know your man enough 😉

    Info is on my blog.

  5. Meghann

    Too bad living on a military base we don’t get that choice. Sigh.

  6. Tree

    The environmental movement has legs, imo, because consumers are starting to demand products that allow them to have this choice.

    Thanks for the site.

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Yes, Tree – totally!

    And MB – ROCK ON!!!

  8. MB

    Good job. I just enrolled in the wind power option. I wouldn’t have done that if not for your post!

  9. merrymishaps

    Thanks! I had no idea this was available. With energy costs on the rise, it’s good to know we have better choices!

  10. L Sass

    Awesome site. I can’t wait until I’m in a position to make this kind of decision. As a renter, I’m powerless on this issue… but I try to conserve energy in other ways.

  11. Michelle

    Texas is working on this (or at least San Antonio is). I hope it sticks!

    I’m tagging you for a meme. It’s on my blog.

  12. regina

    I love you for posting this. Awesome, awesome, awesome. My husband and I try to be green where we can. Thankfully, California is rather friendly toward the green effort. 🙂

  13. Reese

    Who knew L.A. had this option?! I’m calling the DWP tomorrow, see what can be done.

    Thank you!

  14. lauren

    great, great idea,s thanks you!

  15. Alpha DogMa

    Finally a green power solution that doesn’t leave you smelling like old french fries.

  16. Michelle

    Yes, it’s great to see people using the wind energy. I live in the northwest corner of Iowa…or the wind turbine capital!! By 2008 it’s estimated that the little corner of Iowa that I live in will be the nations top wind energy producer. The wind turbines keep popping up. It’s really cool to see them all working on a windy day…which happens often. 🙂 Our public school also installed two turbines on the grounds of the school so that wind energy could be the main source of energy for the entire school system. They also sell the left over energy to fund projects for the school system.

    Thanks for the great post!!


  17. Nadine

    Go you! We got green power in our house too.

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