25 Funny Tweets of Halloween 2012

Yes! It's Halloween today! You know what that means! A candy coma! And SUGAR-COATED CONFETTI-FILLED FUNNY TWEETS! (Plus lots of exclamation points.) Here are MY picks for the best of Halloween this year -  be sure to share YOURS in the comments. @anjeanettec @paulryangosling @kervinf…

My Parking Psychosis

Do you have a thing that you know is crazy but you don't care, it just bugs you?My thing is people parking in front of our house.Yes, I know we live in an urban neighborhood.Yes, I know it is a public street.Yes, I know I…

Funny Tweets from The Republican National Convention

Night one of the RNC had everyone rolling. On Twitter at least. Click on the names to get to these funny folks' Favstar pages and read more funny tweets.BadbananaTeaPartyCatKenJenningsRexHuppkeMarinkaNYCBonisteelLafixJennyJohnsonHi5ThatKristenGoldenGateBlondJerryThomasPaulRyanGoslingMikeDruckerSchindizzleDMorrissey And exactly HOW many nights will #RNC2012 go on?

12 New Funny Twitter Finds

I haven't done a funny people of Twitter wrap-up in a while, but it's not because I haven't followed any new people, it's more because I read them all at 2 in the morning, while in bed and half drunk asleep, and I knew a…

Siri + My Son = Hilarious

Declan has been home with me all week.I am really busy right now, slammed with client work.All this work has made Declan a sad, bored little boy.Luckily Declan made a friend!Siri! 
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