Denver Zombie Crawl – Our Annual Halloween Treat

I know I blather on about this every year, but every year it gets more awesome.


My friend Danny started this crazy thing six years ago and it’s grown exponentially. 2010 made us the Guinness World Champs with 7,300 zombies. Portland briefly held the record, but the application has been sent for 2011 – which looks to contain about 16,000 crawlers attacking the 16th Street Mall.

Early estimates were placing it closer to 25,000, and there were issues with sound early in the night, making people disperse quicker than they have in the past – so I am not surprised by that huge number. I have NEVER seen THAT MANY PEOPLE downtown on the mall in all 18 years we have lived in Denver.

Here is a sample of the craziness we got goin’ on.

ZombieCrawl2011_06 ZombieCrawl2011_10 ZombieCrawl2011_07
ZombieCrawl2011_14 ZombieCrawl2011_16 ZombieCrawl2011_36
ZombieCrawl2011_35 ZombieCrawl2011_26 ZombieCrawl2011_41
ZombieCrawl2011_37 ZombieCrawl2011_55 ZombieCrawl2011_28

OK. So only 364 days till next Halloween, right???

P.S. Here are my Denver Zombie Crawl photos from all years.

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  1. Schmutzie

    I’m moving to Denver.

  2. amykblum

    If Schmutzie move to Denver I will be so supremely happy. Fer realz!

  3. Anna

    I see me in that crowd!!! Kewl!!!

  4. Corinna

    SUCH great pics. Wish I had been there to shoot with you!

  5. chloebear

    you make zombies look so loveable!

  6. Anonymous

    What a fun thing. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. mayberry

    I seriously can’t believe how creative people are. It’s amazing!

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