Ladies Night

Don’t freak. I know. Two posts in one day. Freaky. I haven’t done that in about three years.

Just wanted to share this little audio recording I made at the request of Maile Wilson and several other friends.

I know. You just can’t hold back this kind of talent.*

*Translation: Even with auto-tune, I sound like absolute shit.

Maile has suggested we do this regularly. Us, including you. We’re calling it #OffkeyDay – so do it whenever you feel like it and post it and tag it and have fun. But mostly: sing badly.

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  1. Amanda

    I couldn’t stop smiling. Brilliant! Wish I had the nerve.

  2. monstergirlee

    So we need to go do karaoke some time!

  3. zenrain

    Remember when we’d drive and sing as loud as we could??!!!

  4. Chris

    I want whatever YOU were drinking!! Love it!!

  5. EatPlayLove


  6. melissa

    This is exactly why I wanna hang with you! You are a hoot!

  7. zipper


  8. Sizzle

    You know what’s missing from this?

    Video of you dancing.


  9. Melody


    OH!! Now you’ve done it.

    Name is Melody – talent is not singing. But I am game.

  10. Paper Jamz Pro Mic

    We LOVED it! OH what a night!

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