Mamakat vs. The Ranch Dressing

I learned a whole bunch of things this weekend. I learned more about branding, and blogging, and vlogging, and writing, and marketing. I learned that there are a ton of Colorado bloggers that I didn’t know and was excited to meet. I learned that I looooove Bloggy Boot Camp and recommend anyone and everyone try to go in 2012 if you can. But what I really learned is I totally adore these three ladies who previously I only adored through the waves of the internet.

Tiffany Romero
Francesca Banducci
Kathy aka Mamakatslosinit

I also learned that I like to spill things on people. Beer, business cards, ranch dressing? Whatevs. It don’t matter none.

When the gooey stuff flew all over the hotel bed post-Bloggy Boot Camp, we knew it was a perfect opportunity for Kat and I to make our first video together. When I say “make” I mean: stop laughing, pick up my iPhone, hit record, keep laughing, and watch Kat do her magic.

Yes, Tide (who I love because of Loads of Hope) provided *80* of the cleaning pens to BBCDEN attendees! EIGHTY. They would like to see what people would do with a post, if people felt inclined to do so, and I think they are really gonna love what we did with it.

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  1. Mama Kat

    Haha! That’s great…I’m preparing myself for the flood of emails I’m about to get from Tide asking me to be the new face of their brand.

    …I better learn the names of their products first…

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Connie – yes, at the Rockies game I spilled beer ALL OVER Tiffany. WOOT! GO AIMEE!

  3. Everyfann

    I love it! Bet Tide will too. 🙂

  4. Megan

    I wish I could go – none of their dates are near me. But love the video!!!

  5. SITS Girls

    I’m crying from laughing so hard.

    The beer on the night table is the best.

    Who knew one could have so much fun in a hotel room?

    So good. So, so good.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I know – I was laughing about the beer bottle too. Thinking about Jessica’s comments to look around the setting – clearly I ignored her advice! Does it count for off the cuff recording???

  7. Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    I am VERY SAD that I missed out on this fun….

  8. Connie

    Didn’t you spill beer on someone too?

    So sad that I had to miss all of the fun….and spillage.

  9. EatPlayLove

    I love that you captured this moment. I’m going to have to favorite it and watch often!

  10. Stephanie

    This is so hilarious! Love.

  11. NotaSupermom

    Best video ever!
    I wish you were coming to BBC Atlanta next month. I want to party with you guys.
    I would make sure to wear a raincoat.

  12. Oursweetlifetogether

    Omg I am laughing so hard funny.. I am not sure if it is the branding tech or the beer on nightstand I love. If Tide does not call on that thing a ma jiffy I am sure Ranch Dressing. I hope you put it on #commenthour I am pouring tonight baa haasbaahaa.

  13. Sarahviz

    Dying laughing right now!

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