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Sometimes ideas are born of frustration. The past few years Bryan, Monika and I have been attending festivals and having trouble accessing schedules in the moment due to poor cell service and/or apps that are full of graphics. At one point last year we started making Google Doc spreadsheets that had the times, bands, venues and twitter handles available - just to make our lives easier. This morphed into FanPlan.Info, which is a text-based micro site best viewed on mobile phones. It shows (and sorts) the schedule of major festivals by time, band and stage. And when you click "tweet this," a pre-populated tweet pops up with band name, twitter handle (if they have one), venue name, venue handle (if they have one), the time the band is playing, official festival hashtag, and, of course, #fanplan.

Wiredogs Video: “Am I The Resistance”

One of my favorite Denver bands (especially when I am in the mood for loud punk rock) is Wiredogs. I first knew them as The Hate, but the name never really suited them. They have a big sound and truly put on a raucous show…

Eldren at Tellerpalooza in Denver

I often talk about my big fundraiser for Dex's school, Tellerpalooza. Since he is graduating from 5th grade, this was our last year organizing it - so everything was very bittersweet on May 11th.When I watched Eldren pull the kids and other bands on stage…
Joe King of The Fray

Joe King (of The Fray) at The Bluebird Theater

For a long time, The Fray has been one of my favorite bands. Watching them rise to stardom has been almost like rooting for your local baseball team (if I liked sports). Oh, The Fray are appearing on another national something or other? Time to…
Denver Music Blogs - List of blogger from Denver, Colorado, who write about music and concerts

List of Denver & Colorado Music Blogs

We have a such a great concert and music scene here in Colorado. In Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder - bands are crazy good all over. Luckily we have lots of great people covering our local bands too. Check out these Colorado music blogs…
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