Tyto Alba - Interview with Denver Band

Tyto Alba Interview and Video Release

Recently I got on the phone to chat with Tyto Alba, a Denver indie rock band who debuted their new video single at Syntax Physic Opera over the weekend. Melanie, Matt, Danny and Jeremy were super fun to talk with and I love the new song.

Denver Band Tyto Alba

Tyto Alba Interview:

What does the name “Tyto Alba” mean?

It’s actually the scientific name for barn owls, but we just loved the way it sounded.

And tell me a little about each of you.

Melanie (lead singer): I am from Boulder but I went to school at the Rhode Island School of Design. I live in Denver now and work as a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator outside of the band.

Matt (lead guitar): I just finished my degree in music production and am coaching/managing a few younger bands… especially one called Nightingale Symphony.

Jeremy (drums): I do music full-time including playing in other bands (example: Party Like Thieves) as well working on their visuals.

Danny (bass): I am all hype. Just kidding. I also play in other bands (Major Babes) too and create electronic music.

What are your touring plans?

We’ll head to Texas during SXSW week and then we’re planning a fairly large West Coast tour. Matt was based out of the Pacific NW for a while, so it will be going home for him.

What have you been up to recording-wise?

We have two new songs, both recorded at Coupe Studios in Boulder. One is called “Behind The Lines” which we released last month and the new single is “Lupine Soul” – the one we did the video release show for.

Yeah, tell me about the video.

Melanie shot and edited the video over a pretty long period of time. Some of it was here in Denver, at the Butterfly Pavilion and Aquarium… some of it was on vacation in Mexico. She edited it all together using skills she learned in college, or things she taught herself along the way. We’re pretty proud of it.

I can see why. It’s beautiful.

“Lupine Soul” Video by Tyto Alba

Photos provided by Tyto Alba.

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