Costa Rican Flowers and Plants

The Flowers & Plants of Costa Rica

We have our first real touch of cold here in Colorado, which - let's face it, compared to other parts of the world, is not that cold... but when you have recently been to the rainforest, it sure feels cold. One of the things that fascinated me about Costa Rica was the diversity of its flora and fauna. Of course, I have no idea what the names of most of the plants were. In some ways, this is right up my alley because I take lots of flower photos here at home and generally have no clue what they are, even when they are in my backyard.

Can you help me identify these lovelies?

I would be happy to credit you when I update the post. Either way, it feels nice to take a trip back to the tropics on a chilly day like today. Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa Rica Flowers & Plants Costa_Rica_185 Costa Rica Flowers & Plants
Waterfall Costa Rica Hot Springs

Costa Rica Waterfall (Animated GIF)

Getting back into the swing of things after being in Costa Rica for 10 days is hard. Overwhelming. Which is why I took some time this afternoon to browse through my thousands of photos from our visit to Tabacon Hot Springs and in a huge effort to relieve the experience, I created an animated GIF of my friends getting pummeled by a waterfall of volcano water. Left to right are Kim Tracy Prince, Andrea Fellman and Romy Schorr. Good sports all three, and great travel buddies.
Shutterfly This Life

Checking out Shutterfly’s This Life Service + Giveaway

Note: I was compensated for this post and received a This Life subscription. I also provided social media consulting to the founders of This Life prior to Shutterfly's acquisition of the company. However, all words, images and opinions are mine.

How many photos do you have? It feels like trying to count the stars, right?

Some are in Facebook, some Instagram, and if you are like me - the majority are saved in an iPhoto library. And while each photo is in each place for a reason, sometimes it feels really scattered. Not to mention, how are they all backed up? I worked on a promotion with This Life founders a while back, when they were just launching. Really nice people and very smart. I applauded when Shutterfly incorporated the service into their suite of products. I was even more excited when the folks from Shutterfly asked me to check out the new and improved This Life, which has just launched. This Life is a cloud storage for all your photos, but much more. You select what services you would like to import from (like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Smug Mug, and - of course- your computer). And I mean ALL of them, except any duplicates. It pulled all my 3,000 Instagram photos over very fast, within an hour. Then we tackled my 45,000 high resolution files from iPhoto. It took several days, and I had the ability to pause and restart the uploader when I needed to, but they all made it. And now This Life automatically syncs up any new photos that go into the services I have synced.
Denver Portrait Photography

Portraits In The Park

I joined the board of City Park Jazz this year, which of course means we have been attending more of their concerts. For those who don't know, City Park Jazz is all-volunteer organization that provides 10 free summer concerts every Sunday in Denver's City Park. What this also means, for me, is arriving early... which in turn means sitting front and center rather than the outskirts of those 8,000-10,000 people who regularly attend. In turn, this close proximately to the stage has caused me to watch the light change as the sun sets - and notice what a great location the pavilion is for photo shoots.
year one baby portraits

Year One Baby Portraits

One of the things I love about being a photographer is following people through their lives. One lady I photographed as a child is about to graduate from college. Um, what? Recently I captured an adorable (expressive!) baby whose parents I not only call friends, but I photographed their wedding, along with many other folks in their family at various points in time. I am like their official life documentation. It's a good gig really.

Neon Splash Dash Denver Flashback Portraits

Note: Tickets to the race were provided by Neon Splash Dash. Samsung Mobile provided me with a Galaxy Camera.
This summer Neon Splash Dash came to Denver for the first time. I don't do too much running unless I am chased, but the thought of glow in the dark photography was super appealing to me. The event itself was super fun, because we were with our best friends and the general idea was super fun. The actual execution on the ground was a bit disorganized (for example, there was a massive storm right before the race and there was no information about delays via their social media channels... or there was a parking fee that was not listed on their web site and we had to leave to find and ATM). If we went again next year I would ask if they were looking for families to attend or if they wanted a party atmosphere. Personally, it's a night event, I would rather leave the kids at home, serve drinks and let people dance while they are crazy covered with paint.

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