Diet Coke #ShareACoke

Share A Coke With… Me!

Note: Coca Cola company provided my personalized bottle but all photos and words are mine.It's no secret Diet Coke is one of my favorite things. I even have a client that checks to make sure if she needs to grab some for me on her…
XGames Austin 2014

X-Games Austin With Nokia Lumia

Note: Nokia provided travel to XGames Austin and the Nokia Lumia 1020. All photos and words are mine.Anyone who knows me understands I am a clutz. So, the idea of me attending an extreme sporting event is actually kind of... hilarious. The good news: No…
Denver Comic Con 2014

Denver Comic Con 2014

Note: Denver Comic Con provided media passes but we purchased additional tickets for the kids. All photos and words are mine.So often I drag my son around to events and he has no idea what is going on. Denver Comic Con was the first event…
Facebook Emotion Study

Facebook Is Unethical

I tried not to be dramatic about it, but I sort of left Facebook. Problem is you can never really leave Facebook. At least not when you manage over 10 accounts for clients and you have a blog and you go to log-in on random…
Chihuly Exhibit Denver Botanic Gardens

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

The first time we visited Seattle as a family, we made sure to see the Chihuly Museum at the base of the Space Needle. When we were invited back this past spring by 2 Days In Seattle, I asked Dex what he wanted to do…
Top Funny Tweets

New Funny Tweets

I used to do these kinds of posts more, and a friend asked me recently why I stopped. I kind of sat up and thought to myself... "I have no idea???" I still visit my favorite tweeters almost every night on Favstar.fm and Witstream. So, here are some recent gems for you to laugh at as well.
Chautauqua Auditorium

Chautauqua Summer Concert Season 2014

Living in Colorado, you always hear about the amazing Chautauqua auditorium in Boulder but I have to make an embarrassing admission: I have never seen a concert there. Yes, I have been to Ignite Boulder events and I marveled at the building, but it just…