Ben Howard Concert Photos

Ben Howard Photos from Fillmore Denver

One thing that is great about music streaming services is the ability to ping your friends when you find music they will love. My friend Andrew did that back in 2011 when Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom came out and, indeed, I loved it. Ben’s latest, I Forget Where We Were, also went into high rotation last fall.

A bunch of people in Denver share my admiration for this English singer-songwriter, because his recent show at the Fillmore Auditorium was sold out. It was a mellow show, as you might expect, but filled with lush music and great vocals, even though Ben himself said he was not feeling well. He often turned around and played back into his band, which sometimes can be disconcerting – but felt more like we were witnessing a special jam session that a bunch of people (the Fillmore holds 3,500 people) had been invited to.

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Ben Howard - Denver Concert Photos

Note: Concert tickets provided by Ben Howard. All words and photos are mine. © Aimee Giese.

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  1. Karen

    Love ur concert photos!

  2. Andrea

    GORGEOUS pics

  3. Sarah Patterson

    Ben howard is so great. Love the pic of the violin girl.

  4. Princ

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