Chihuly Exhibit Denver Botanic Gardens

Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

The first time we visited Seattle as a family, we made sure to see the Chihuly Museum at the base of the Space Needle. When we were invited back this past spring by 2 Days In Seattle, I asked Dex what he wanted to do…
Top Funny Tweets

New Funny Tweets

I used to do these kinds of posts more, and a friend asked me recently why I stopped. I kind of sat up and thought to myself... "I have no idea???" I still visit my favorite tweeters almost every night on Favstar.fm and Witstream. So, here are some recent gems for you to laugh at as well.
Chautauqua Auditorium

Chautauqua Summer Concert Season 2014

Living in Colorado, you always hear about the amazing Chautauqua auditorium in Boulder but I have to make an embarrassing admission: I have never seen a concert there. Yes, I have been to Ignite Boulder events and I marveled at the building, but it just…
PBS Kids Supervision App

PBS Kids App: Super Vision For Parents

I am so proud to be a PBS Kids VIP Parent (their pretty name for a brand ambassador). The biggest perk of this job is attending the PBS Annual Meeting which brings together PBS stations from around the country to introduce them to new shows,…
Mustang Continental Driving Test

Compare Tires at Continental Uvalde Proving Grounds

Note: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are mine.Tires. I honestly have never thought about them all that much - until a few weeks ago, when I visited the Uvalde Proving Grounds in Texas with Continental Tires. I mean, sure. When I get…

Katie Herzig Interview

I chatted with Katie Herzig last week about her new album "Walk Through Walls," her connection with Colorado and her process of making music. She was incredibly nice and down to earth. I love this album possibly more than her previous work (although, let's be…
How To Manage Facebook Events

How To Manage Facebook Events

"Ugh! I never look at them!" - "They are overwhelming." -  "There are too many!" That's what people, including possibly you, say about Facebook events. Right? I know events are crazy. But in some ways, I am not sure how else we can communicate about…