Come vote for the November Greeblepix Finalists!

Arghhh! Can we say crazy week!?!?! Since this is so late, we’ll leave the voting open until Sunday evening and I will announce the winner on Monday morning. So without further ado, here are the 10 finalists for this month’s photography contest. Please vote! One of these talented folks will receive a $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental!


Aimee E – Steelroots

Brandi – First Letter To Santa

Daniele Siegenthaler – Thankful

Imelda – Pearland on a Tuesday

Jayesel – Warm Sunny Days

Juliana – Wish

Kim Hosey – My Cookie Monster

Meg Tea and Brie – Magic

Meghann Midgetinvasion – Fall

Sarah Danyelle – Solar Powered


Who is the November Greeblepix Winner?customer surveys

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  1. Brandi B

    Yay! Thank you so much, Aimee! Seeing my picture as a finalist made my week! 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    so excited to be included! and such great photos for company 🙂

  3. Imelda

    My first time to be included in the finals!!! How exciting!

  4. Kim Hosey

    Yea me! And all the finalists! And you! Thanks, Aimee. 🙂

  5. Juliana :]

    Aww thank you so much for including me! I really am flattered! 😀 You’re the best!! 🙂

  6. ross

    Beautiful shot Imelda! Good Luck.

  7. Anonymous

    Meg, Fantastic shot at the beach. I love how you captured this shot. Your very talented!

  8. Anonymous

    Beautiful photo Tante Dani 🙂 You have a gift! Love you!!!

  9. Meghann

    Proud to see than the name Meg/Meghann dominated this month! Woot!

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