Consider yourself warned.

Every year I make New Years resolutions. And I actually do fairly well with them. But this year, I only have one. But it’s kind of a biggie. I want to massively improve my portrait-taking skills. Now, I know you all may chuckle a bit, seeing as I chase Declan and Bryan around the house with the camera on a daily basis. But here’s the catch. I need to practice these skills on other people. And in a more formalized studio-ish kind of way. So Bryan and I did some brainstorming. And we decided that one weekend a month will be Portrait Weekend. And I will enlist some unsuspecting friends and/or acquaintances to be my victims. I will invite myself over to their house with the lure of delivery pizza, bearing my studio lights from work and the promise to snap photos of them, their kids, their dogs – whatever they will allow me to! All for free!

Watch out people. I’m on a mission here.

P.S. If you live in Denver and would like to sign up for Portrait Weekend without me having to tackle you beforehand, drop me an email. Otherwise, sit and sweat big bullets while waiting for the tackling.

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