December Greeblepix Winner!

Sorry I didn’t get this up first thing, but it’s been a cuh-razy day. It’s year end at my company, which means I run around with my head cut off trying to make the budgets come in line for our governmental funders, and oh yeah, we throw a hilarious White Elephant in the middle of it too. In case you are wondering, I won a rooster candle that I plan to give to my best friend who collects chickens. But the real prize was being able to say things like “I love my cock” all afternoon.

But you really don’t care about any of that, do you? YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS, RIGHT?

It’s Kristin Mainemamma. With this awesome image of Rusted Snow. Seriously. That is so damn magical it doesn’t even look real.

So Kristin gets the incredible prize from Pro Photo Rental$250 worth of camera rental! And also, by the way, Jared has finally started an official Pro Photo Rental twitter account, so be sure to start following them. The awesomeness abounds.

And thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated this month. You all rock.

Happy weekend.

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  1. Corey~living and loving

    Congrats to the winner. that really is an awesome photo. ūüôā

  2. monstergirlee

    Congratulations! I totally agree with the winner, and if I hadn’t had my own photo in the entires, that would have been my choice.
    Thanks for another fun contest Aimee.
    Already have my January photo picked out.

  3. Anonymous

    all were amazing, but that shot is SUPER amazing!

  4. kristin

    wow thank you! what an honor. and great prize. thanks aimee!!

  5. Grey Street Girl

    This is an amazing shot! Love it! Kristin will do some amazing things with whatever she chooses with her rental!

  6. Karyn

    So freakin’ amazing. Congrats!!

  7. Bet Rank

    Congratulations on winning! Wonderful shot!

  8. tracey clark

    yay kirstin! you rock.

  9. tracey clark

    oops. i meant kristin. hee hee. it’s late.

  10. tonya

    Awesome Photo! Kristin is so damn talented!

  11. Lisa

    Congrats to the winner – awesome pic!

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