Delurker Day

Mr. Rude Cactus took the bull by the horns and has declared today to be Delurker Day. Yeah, we know there was one a few months ago, but a bunch of us missed it, and Delurking Days are always really fun. So much fun, I even made the graphic for the occasion. (Feel free to use it on your own blogs!)

So, come out, come out, wherever you are! New friends, old friends, people trying to sell me stuff from Nigeria… Introduce yourself, tell us your deepest, darkest secret – or more reasonably – JUST SAY HI! (Except that weird dude who keeps googling “monkey + naked + toothpick.” You, sir, have issues and need some help).

And while you are at it, please go visit Allison/Soccer Mom In Denial today, she’s holding her Sit In For Peace Day To Read, and reading is, you know, good.

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  1. Lauren

    I’m an old friend – but HI!

  2. saucygrrl

    Ok ok! I’m delurking! I also plan on stealing your awesome delurker graphic because my blog is currently undergoing some intense stalking and I have ever intent on ferreting them out. Of course that just makes me sound just a tad wierd for my first comment here so… uh… *ahem* Hi!!

  3. Candy

    I don’t usually need an excuse to DeLurk but here I am ::Waves frantically::

  4. Mrs. Chicky

    Uh hi. Not exactly a lurker, more like a lazy commenter. Does that count?

  5. Angella

    Happy Delurking!

    (I did one of these a couple of days ago too)


  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Chicky – seeing as I am *exactly* the same for you, yes – it does count!

    And welcome, Saucy and Candy – thanks for delurking!

    Angella, sorry I missed yours. I’ll go belatedly say hi!

  7. Liesl

    Hi! I stopped by after Googling around trying to figure out when Delurking Day is, and woza, it happens to be today. Who knew?

    Thanks for the cool button, and Howdy!

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Liesl, that’s freaky!

  9. Sizzle

    no need for me to delurk but i had to chime in anyhow. 😉

  10. MRW

    Hello! Time for me to delurk. I have been reading your site for a while now, thanks for sharing!!

  11. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Good for you mrw, and welcome! 🙂

    And smooches, Sizz.

  12. Tree

    Heya, Chickie! Not a lurker, either. Love ya.

  13. Chag

    Delurking to say hello!

  14. Mayberry

    You should have made the graphic a monkey in a trench coat holding a toothpick.

    Just an idea for next year.

  15. Ali

    yeah…totally NOT a lurker…:)

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Tree, smooches to you – one of my very best friends!

    Chag, welcome, Mr. Cynical Dad!

    And Bunny, isn’t it funny how we all read the same sites? Chris rocks. By the way, did you see the vote that Beth held comparing Chris and Bryan’s looks?

    Nilsa, Sizzle also rocks and welcome!

    Mayberry, storing that little nugget in my to-do list, thanks.

    And Mrs. Wheezer – hello there, friend!

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And Ali, yes, not a lurker. And me neither for you, but I had to comment anyway. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, right?

    And welcome Karen! Another Okie???

  18. Kendra

    Gaah, you caught me :). I’ve been lurking for quite a while and had to say HI in the spirit of today. HI *waves*

  19. Mamma

    I love your button. I may use it if I decide to ever post again. It’s like I forgot I was a blogger.

  20. Mr Lady

    Happy D Day!

  21. Manda

    Hi! I’m not technically delurking since this is my first visit. But my name is Amanda. I love your header, and I’ll definitely be back. 🙂

  22. Sharon

    Hi! Waving from Baltimore!

  23. rudecactus

    Happy Delurking Day!!

  24. Redneck Mommy

    Lurker opening my robe for all to see…waggles eyebrows….


  25. zipper

    Not a lurker, but HI!

  26. Stacey

    This is seriously fun. That Cactus dude had a great idea.

  27. Anonymous

    I do not lurk. But I could if I wanted to.


  28. Crystal

    You caught me! 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog! Just recently found ya from Mr. Lady’s blog. Keep on blogging!

    Your mix cds look *awesome*! Hope to win one someday! ^_^

  29. Jodi

    I’m posting my delurker day tomorrow, b/c well, I’m like that.

  30. Contrariwise

    I’m celebrating by delurking.

    And thanks for the great graphic. I put it in my blog with a link back to you.

    And stop by and visit if you have the time. But only if you promise to delurk.

  31. Keely

    I prefer infrequent comment maker to lurker, but thats not nearly as catchy. 😉 Hello!

  32. daisybones

    I’m not so much with the lurking as with the utter failure to comment on an even slightly regular basis.

    So hi, and thanks for the design mojo boost you always give;)

  33. Jennifer

    Delurking, inspired by the graphic if uninspired in actual comment worthy words. Longish time reader, but as for commenting, think The Unknown Comic, complete with brown paper bag over head.


  34. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Huckdoll, I am so happy you started joining us!

    Kendra, have me met (figuratively speaking)? – maybe during NaPloBoMo? either way, thanks for delurking!

    Hi Hilly – I lurk you too!

    Welcome Emily! I seriously cannot believe the searches I get sometimes. Not sure if anyone remembers my post about my neighbor’s antics in t-h-o-n-g-s a while ago – but THAT brought out a FREAK SHOW.

    Mamma, but you are nice commenter, so that’s awesome.

    TalesofMy30s – a fellow diabetic – rock on!!!

    Slush – of course I don’t mind. I’m honored! 🙂 And it’s really Chris’- I just designed it for him – it was all his idea to put this shindig on!

    Mr Lady – same to you!

    Manda – welcome! we love first timers too.

    Sharon – another lovely lady I have know for a long time.

    Ree, welcome! So, what actually goes into being a hotfessional?

    Shannon, thanks so much for reading – and delurking!

    And the man himself, RudeCactus, actually commented on my blog? I think I am going to faint.

    Redneck Mommy – you look hawt under your robe.

    Hi Zipper – thanks for being nearly the 1st commenter almost every day!

    Stacey – also thanks and you are totally right. Chris rocks.

    Bryan (aka HubDad) – You can lurk wherever you want.

    BunsLife – Welcome! and thanks!

    Karen – it’s good to have goals. Comment more! 🙂

    Fiwa – you’re welcome and, welcome! Cute mermaid!

    Whirlwind – also welcome. I am gonna need to get to all your blogs ASAP… thanks for coming by today!

    Crystal – thanks so much! And the Mix CD contest is the 1st of every month!

    Jodi – I knew some people wouldn’t be ready for it today! Have at it!

    Nutmeg – another one of my bestest online friends – smooches to you too, chica.

    Sandy – good to see you!

    Contrariwise – ha! Good point! I am definitely planning to go back through these and find some fun new blogs.

    Mapsgirl – hello back!

    Keely – I understand that. Totally. ICM’s unite.

    Hi Daisybones – good to see you!

    Hi Jennifer, aka Unknown Comic – that cracked me up!


    OH GOD – I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

  35. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Well, Lisa posted the same time I was and she’s not a lurker, so it doesn’t count that I missed her. 😉

    HI LISA! Glad you like the graphic!

  36. Lara

    Delurking days are good – sometimes you don’t want to say anything just for the sake of saying something, but you still wish people knew you were around 🙂

  37. Janet

    I don’t lurk…but I do read you from my feed reader!

  38. Haley-O

    Great design, Greeblemonkey! Nice to meet you! 🙂

  39. ie

    hello there *waving from Las Vegas*

  40. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Mitch – You were the inspiration for the graphic, yo.

    Bri – totally not stealing. I’m all for the free love.

    Lara – totally, it’s so nice to see you all!

    Hi Magpie!

    Hi Merry, good to see you!

    And wave back, Tuttle, good to see you as well!

    GlossyVeneer, also welcome and thanks!

    ColeMine – good to see you! And here’s the funny thing – all my family members read here, but almost never comment. Not even today. Humpf!

    Hi Janet, cute kitty. And thanks for reading!

    Hi Haley-O… the Cheaty Monkey! Monkeys rock.

    ie, waving back from Denver!

  41. Nat

    Not really delurking. But here I am.

    So does your name rhyme with Amy or Ray?

  42. Nat

    Oh and I stole the design too for my blog. It is, as per usual awesome.

  43. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Nat, not sure I understand the question but my name is pronounced the same as Amy. “Aimee” is the French spelling of Amy. Although no one in my family is French, except by marriage… my German mom just thought it was pretty. 🙂

    AND HI!

  44. flutter

    That graphic is hilarious! oh, and Hi!

  45. Bunny

    Well, hello! Thanks for making the graphic. I used it this morning from Chris’s site.

  46. monstergirlee

    So not a lurker, but saying HI anyway.

  47. Nilsa S.

    Hi Aimee – I think I come to you by way of one of my favorites, Sizzle! Been catching up on your trip to Hawaii and loving every minute. I have a honeymoon coming up, but I don’t think we’ll be able to make it to Hawaii. So, I got to live vicariously through your stories. Thanks much!

  48. jakelliesmom

    I’ve decided to lurk here momentarily just for the opportunity to delurk and say how much I adore your delurker button (as featured on Mitch McDad).

    And Hawaii looks beautiful!

    Nice to meet you.
    Karen (jakelliesmom)

  49. Marlee

    Serendipity! I was thinking about you today b/c you “friended” me first at NaBloPoMo (back when I totally didn’t GET NaBloPoMo) and suddenly there was a link to you on Momisodes blog today.


  50. Karen

    Hi! Happy Thursday!

  51. Huckdoll

    Heyhi. Cute button.

  52. Builder Mama

    Not a lurker, but just wanted to thank you for sending me the graphic. I’ll be a little late on the delurking thing, but so goes my life lately!

  53. Hilly

    I’m sort of a lurker, in the sense that I read through FeedDemon and never comment.

    Oh wait, I am a *full time* lurker then ;).


  54. Emily

    Delurking to say hi! Also, “monkey +naked +toothpick” is AWESOME! People keep finding my blog by googling (no joke) “itchy butt”.

  55. talesofmy30s

    Hi, delurking, been reading your feed since the Tu Diabetes contact. 🙂

  56. slush

    I stole your graphic too, Hope you dont mind! xo

  57. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Flutter – welcome back!

    Monstergirlee – definitely not a lurker and also an old online friend. One I will meet in person in ONE MONTH!

    jakelliesmom – thanks for lurking momentarily and delurking and please do not hesitate to lurk or delurk again at your leisure. OK, I am getting a little slaphappy after all these comments.

    Marlee- nice to see you again too! I have been trying to slowly go through Nablo blogs too, because there were so many good ones!

    Carrie, another regular, thanks for saying hi. It’s nice to see your smiling face every week.

    Builder Mama – no worries, such is life… I am feeling that way too. Maybe it’s just the January blahs?

    Doodaddy – no way, jose – as mentioned above – it was Mitch McDad! (just kidding, really.) The flashing man was a graphic we had a work.

    Suze, welcome! Happy delurking day!

  58. Ree

    Hi Aimee. I love your site – thanks for the cute little flasher.

    Please feel free to stop by my place anytime.

  59. Rachel

    Holy hell. 80 comments.
    I’m adoring your graphic that I saw on Whiskey in my sippy cup and a few others, so I thought I’d come say howdy.
    First time visitor. Never a lurker!! Lurkers suck.
    Oh, and total infant blogger 🙂

  60. Anonymous

    It’s just me saying hi since today seems to be the day for it. I’m like Bryan!


  61. Shannon

    Here I am to delurk. You’re in my google reader so I’m a loyal reader, even though I don’t comment very often. 🙂

  62. chloebear

    as much time as we spend together -we have already lurked eachother!

  63. A Buns Life

    I’m not a lurker, first time visitor, but I love the button! I’m using it on my site today! I came from Marriage-101.

  64. Karen

    I’m sooo bad at commenting. But that’s one of my little bloggy goals this year…good day to start!

    Love reading your posts — so jealous of your trip to Hawaii!

  65. fiwa

    Hello – visiting for the first time. I love the graphic you created for delurker day – it’s great! Thanks for offering to share.

  66. Linda

    OK, OK! Hi! By the way, I used your cute graphic and I wrote a little limerick to go with it!

  67. Whirlwind

    New here, hi.

  68. nutmeg

    I’ve actually been lurking lately – reading quickly on my googlereader due to overall lack of time. Suffice it to say I miss brushing my teeth in the morning more than I miss reading Greeblemonkey!

  69. Sandy C.

    Stopping to say hi! Love your graphic and had to post it on my blog 🙂 Thanks!

  70. Sparkliesunshine

    Hello! Happy delurking day! Love the graohic, btw!

    I’m having a delurking contest at my site so feel free to stop on by. 🙂

  71. anne

    Not a lurker, but Hi anyway! 90 comments… not bad, sister!

  72. mapsgirl

    Hello hello!!

  73. Lisa

    Delurked! And I just stole your button because it rocks.

  74. mitchmcdad

    Yo. I’m photoshopping a snapshot of me replicating the badge in real life. No charge. 🙂

  75. Lisa

    Howdy! Missed the delurking day and already posted but wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was lurking. 😉

  76. Bri

    This is me, delurking. Hi! And I did steal your graphic, but I found it on Ali’s site. Hmmm, does it count as stealing if you give permission?

  77. merrymishaps

    I love it. I’m totally stealing your graphic!

  78. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    Very cute graphic, nice work!

  79. The Cole Mine

    Howdy Aimee – from a fellow Colorado Mom (MHMs)!

    Love the graphic!!

    I think most of my readers are family members and lurkers…I may have to steal your cute graphic one of these days!

  80. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kara – Hi! Good to see you again, fellow Nablomo-er!

    Rachel, welcome and thanks for coming out on your very first visit, that rocks!

    MB – an old IRL friend and certainly not a lurker.

    AH – hooray! a family member commented! Now, if we could only get my mom to comment.

    Motherbumper – Comments are murder, tasty tasty murder.

    Chloebear – my bestest friend! And partner in crime in most adventures on this blog. A co-star, really.

    SJC – Loving the huge pregnant boobs. Bring it, sister.

    I’m Not Crazy – A lurker no more!

    Linda – loved the limerick!

    Welcome Sparklie and cute new haircut!

    Anne! It must be another one of my very bestest friends!

    Lisa Show – I know, it’s kind of creeping me out. But in a good way.

    Lisa – also not a lurker, but a regular, and HI, lady!

    Hi Value WIT – happy new year!

    And Melissa, my fave ex-ex-pat!


    You all are seriously making my day!!!

    Now here is the question… will 5 more of you comment and we’ll break a hundred? I would seriously shit my pants.

  81. Emily

    Ok, **wave!!!** and I *really* need to go to bed.

  82. carrie

    Maybe if I put that up at my place, I will figure out who keeps googling “easter bunny meth,” and “lovely diapered ladies.”

    Hi Aimee! 🙂

  83. Doodaddy

    Was Bryan the model for the graphic? 🙂

  84. Suze

    Delurking here. Love the blog and will use your graphic on my page. It’s awesome!!!

  85. Kara


  86. MB

    Yawn. It took me ten minutes to scroll down the page. 🙂 Wanted to say hi…not a lurker, though. More of a…stalker.

  87. The Birdwatcher

    First time i have visited so I ecpect I don’t count. Hi anyway.

  88. motherbumper

    Happy delurking day – comments are so tasty, thanks for lighting the fire.

  89. samantha jo campen

    *flashes huge pregnant boobies*

  90. Lisa

    Already commented but dude, your button is making mad rounds on blogland. 😉 Looks like you’re having a fantastic D-day!

  91. Value wIT

    Thanks for the cute delurker logo. I freely stole it!!

  92. Melissa

    OMG – You have a lot of lurking love!!! Hey Girl!!!

  93. Kimberly

    Thanks for the cool graphic!!

  94. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    101. I seriously cannot believe it. World record.

    Emily- waves back!

    Birdwatcher – welcome. Firstimers always count.

    leigh ann – thank you! that is so nice to hear!

    poppy & mei – better late than never!

    queeny – hiya girl. and no worries, I hear ya. post holiday craziness has got to us all!

  95. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    MB – More of a shart.

  96. sue

    I’m delurking (late, as usual)… but is it really “de” lurking if you don’t actually lurk? Hmmm…

  97. Autumn

    I totally missed this yesterday, but thought I would go ahead and say HI anyway. I’ve commented a couple times but just wanted to say I love your blog, and your photography.

  98. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    wendy – hi and TGIF!

    shannon, thanks. Photography really is one of my most favorite things. 🙂

    sue – you ain’t no lurker. HI!

    autumn – welcome back!

    kini, welcome too and happy delurking day to you too!

  99. Leigh Ann

    DELURKING!!!! Ok, I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. I’m not sure how I ran across it, but I sure have enjoyed it!

  100. Poppy & Mei

    Hi! I’m pinching the graphic even though I’ve already missed it…Xxx

  101. Gretchen

    One more (late) comment.

    Now does your cup runneth over?

  102. Queeny

    I’m always the last one to know. But you know me; not a lurker. Have been neglectful lately, though. Promise to do better.

    Take care.

  103. MB

    did you shit your pants?

  104. Wendy Christensen

    I just surfed in and thought I’d say HI 🙂 … Happy Friday!!

  105. Shannon

    Happy D-Day, a day late! Tried to comment yesterday and the baby pulled me away. Love reading your blog, especially the beautiful photography!

  106. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    crabapple – hiya, thanks for stopping by too!!

    NoraBee – thanks so much!

    Gretchen – Yes, cup is full and running down my leg! Kisses to my favorite Midwesterner. (since I’m not one) 😉

  107. Kini

    Hi Aimee!! …I’m just sayin’…

    Yes, well, like most of my happenings lately, I’m a day late and most likely many dollars short! Looks like a successful Delurker Day! 🙂

  108. AB

    Hey! I’m a day late but signing in to say hello from Central Oregon anyway!


  109. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Hi AB, thanks for saying hi and delurking!

  110. crabapple

    hi there. You have a lot of friends!

  111. Nora Bee

    Hello! Great graphic.

  112. Lotta


  113. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oi Lotta, where you been, girl??

  114. supa

    I can’t believe I missed DeLurking Day. I just had to come over and tell you how much I love the graphic. Hi!

  115. Liz

    I’m a total lurker! Hi!

  116. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    supa – it seems we all miss it at one point!

    and Liz, thanks for delurking! try it more often!

  117. Andie


    Although I do post comments on occasion.

  118. get pregnant fast

    hoho, nice day.

  119. Natalie at Mommy on Fire

    Thanks for the graphic – it’s now on my site! I am one of your lurkers. You are one of my faves. Thanks for writing!

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