Ipecac - Denver Band - HiDive Concert Photos

Denver Band Ipecac at Hi-Dive

The Denver rock scene is a vibrant community that has been thriving for several decades. But I feel like I am learning about new bands every single day – and try very hard to get out and see as many as I can. Such was the case with Ipecac, who I caught a few minutes of at UMS last year and have been chasing around ever since. They were actually founded in 2017, but as we all know – there was a “blip” of time in there that disrupted a lot of things.

Recently the four-piece hard rock band opened up a benefit show supporting the Haseya Advocate Program, which is a Native woman-led organization that serves Indigenous survivors of domestic and sexual violence. It was insanely good. I’ll be honest, I was texting friends saying things like, “OK, Ipecac is one of our most badass bands. We need to get out and see these folks more often.”

One of the key strengths of the Denver rock scene is our sense of community. Musicians and fans alike are passionate about the music and are dedicated to supporting each other. Just this weekend, Ipecac played FoCoMX and their social media was filled with them watching other performances.

They play “A Celebration of Pride” at Blush & Blu on June 4th to celebrate, honor and promote LGBTQ+ and female fronted bands, who are very underrepresented in the Denver scene. After that, they’re at the Bluebird on July 22nd, opening for MF Ruckus.

Let’s try and get out to see Ipecac as much as we can in 2023!

Ipecac – Denver Concert Photos

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