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Notes from a DieHard Music Fan (Win Your Own Fan Experience!)

Note: I was compensated for this post. However, I was happy to write about my love of music and concerts!

We’ve all heard of DieHard, right? But did you know everything they actually do? I didn’t – before they asked me to help spread the word for their “From The Start” contest. I took a look at the DieHard site and realized they are much more than car batteries, like we grew up with.

They also have portable power products, phone cases, flashlights, high-performance work boots and more. Work boots? Given the fact that I am still recovering from two, count em TWO, sprained ankles that I acquired while photographing a concert – I was intrigued!

I’m A DieHard Music Fan.

Diehard Music Fan: Fiddler's Green for Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters with Monika

So, it’s pretty obvious why DieHard and I should work together on this contest, right? I am almost entirely a music blog these days, even though a lot of people still think of me as a mom blog. Which is cool. Because I will always be a mom.

But long before the kiddo came along, I was a music fan.

Diehard Music Fan: City Park Jazz in Denver

City Park Jazz in Denver

My mom was never much into music, so I am not sure where it came from. I mean OK, fine… she played Elvis Presley and Billy Joel around the house when we were kids, but that was the extent of my musical horizons – unless you count the German polka channel.

Not So Silent Night Denver

The last elevator out for Not So Silent Night

I listen to music when I’m in a good mood. A bad mood. Everything in between mood. I have a million playlists to prove it, too. They come in handy for all the ups and downs of a day.

Diehard Music Fan: Marquis Theater Denver

Marquis Theater with Jenny

But it goes beyond that. I average 2-3 concerts a week. Sometimes almost every night of the week. Sure, I probably wouldn’t hit that many if I wasn’t photographing them, but I would definitely still attend a lot – because the obsession started as soon as I could drive at age 16. Pretty much all the money I earned at the mall went towards seeing concerts and the gas I needed to get to them.

Tailgating at Red Rocks

Tailgating at Red Rocks

We go see every kind of band of every size of every style of music – and are very proud to pass on that tradition to our son. It’s become a family affair, and as a family, we have made so many friends who enjoy music too, or play music themselves. In fact, the band pictured below is coming over to dinner tonight (for real) and I am having a little panic attack over what to feed them.

Michigan band The Outer Vibe during their last Denver visit

Michigan band The Outer Vibe during their last Denver visit

People think we are crazy with how much we go out to see music, but for us, it just seems normal. Truth be told we don’t have many other hobbies; this one suits us just fine.

And while I feel pretty confident in my photography skills while I’m in the pit… it became VERY clear as I was looking through out fun “going out” photos that the quality of them leaves much to be desired. Oh boy, am I cringing at all this blurriness and grain! And the faces I make? WHAT AM I THINKING.

But they capture the feeling of the night, and how much fun we have with music.

So that suits me just fine.

Gothic Theater Denver

I think this was taken with a flip phone

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  • To enter the DieHard From the Start contest, visit and submit your story, along with a photo, describing how you first became a diehard fan. The contest is open to all kinds of fans, including music aficionados, sports fanatics, foodies, auto junkies, craft beer enthusiasts and collectors.
  • From now through December 2016, the DieHard brand will host one fan contest per month and will select finalists each month for whom the public will cast their vote. After a brief voting period, two grand prizewinners each month will receive a $4,000 certificate redeemable towards the custom fan experience of their choosing.
  • To learn more about the DieHard brand, visit To follow the contest, find submission inspiration and official contest rules, visit


P.S. I think it’s pretty obvious but just making sure it’s clear that this is a sponsored post and I am being compensated by DieHard. But I am excited to work with them because it is a perfect fit!

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