Dingos Ate My Diorama

Declan’s latest Family Project for school involved choosing an animal at the zoo that began with the first letter of his name and then making a diorama showcasing said animal. Since Declan is still fairly obsessed with the Wiggles, he chose a dingo – since dingos are from Australia. He also had to present his finished diorama to the class and tell them about dingos.

Have I mentioned the kid is four and in preschool? I can’t wait for the homework they give us next year. We’ll have to hire a Rhodes Scholar to help him.

So, I did some searching on the web and creating a list of facts about dingos. I printed this list out and he grabbed it from my hands before the ink was even dry. I was expecting to have to help him with all the words and shit… but literally, the only two I had to sound out for him below were “because” and “becoming.” My boy has some mad reading skillz, yo.



• Dingos are a wild dog in Australia.

• They are smaller than wolves.

• They have yellow or orange fur.

• They usually do not bark, like our pet dogs do.

• Dingos do not like to swim.

• Dingos live in pairs or families, but not packs.

• Because of living with other dogs, pure dingos are becoming rare.

• Dingos can live to be over 20 years old.


Here is a photo of the finished product. And the smileyist 4 year old, ever. He loves them dingos.

The sign in front says “No Swimming” – since, you know, dingos do not like to swim. (I actually did not know that). He also made a big huge sun, because it’s hot in Australia. Oh, and there is a “20” on the side for the dingo’s age.

But the best part?

That weird overhanging at the top?

It’s shade that Declan made for the dingos to protect them from the sun.


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  1. doodaddy

    Wow, that’s four-year old work? You do have your work cut out for you!

    Next up… duck-billed platypus?

  2. Sarah

    That is awesome!

  3. mamalicious

    at least he didn’t pick the dik dik

  4. Mayberry

    awww! extreme concern for the dingoes’ safety! He is darling!

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