Don’t Make Teachers Carry Guns

My son came in and sat down on my bed last night. “Me and my friends have been talking. And we came up with a bunch of reasons why arming teachers is stupid.”

He proceeded to list off the following reasons teachers should not have guns in the classroom.

  1. Teachers don’t have enough resources now.
  2. Will they have to pay for the guns themselves? Because a lot of them pay for school supplies.
  3. When will they get the time to be trained on guns? My teachers barely have time to get my grades in the system.
  4. Why should they have to? They went into a career in teaching, not law enforcement.
  5. What is a kid gets out of countrol and takes the gun from them?
  6. I would be scared to know there were a bunch of guns in the school.
  7. How much extra money would this cost? Can’t they use that money to help identify kids with problems earlier?

All of these are really valid questions and we talked through each one.

I wish President Trump had an advisor as smart as my son.

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