Don’t miss it at ALL.

We canceled cable over 6 weeks ago in favor of hiring a biweekly cleaning service and I seriously have not missed the TV once. OK, I do feel a little cut off from the world news when I get busy at work and can’t read the Internet… but… like, that’s really a bad thing?

The good far outweighs the bad. I have said many times how I have become a crazed neat freak in my old age… and having someone come in and do the work for me makes me able to not worry about it so much and spend more time enjoying my son. Sure, the cleaners don’t do it exactly as I would like – but they get close enough, especially considering the small amount we pay them.

It also gives us more time to tackle those things that always get pushed aside in the daily grind. Like this morning, we all sorted Declan’s toys together. It was kind of fun, and also hilarious to watch the thought process my son went through to decide who-gets-what of his loot. “Baby Jed gets this frog, because he likes green.” Um, Jed isn’t speaking yet – but OK, that’s cool. “And Ridgely gets this, because when I see him again, we can play with it together.” It was nice to see him be so generous. Especially since it means that I can get a shitload of toys out of my house.

Just in time to make room for the birthday onslaught this week.

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