Enter Aquaman

Declan had his first swimming lesson this morning. Guess who was much more nervous than he was? (ME!)

But he did great. OK, he was a little nervous too, but the instructor was great and coerced him into the water pretty easily. I was seriously impressed at how he handled the kids. I guess that’s why he is the teacher.

And of course, I was totally Annoying Mom and had both the video and still camera aimed at my son the whole time. I am sure there are other moms who are making fun of me on their blogs this very minute.

Calm before the storm

Practicing back float with a death grip on the teacher

Solo on his noodle – rock on, dude.

Successful first lesson!

I have to admit this meant more to me than I thought it would. My parents were very much into sailing when I was a child and we were always out on the water in Maryland – I knew how to swim pretty much before I could walk. I took lessons all throughout my youth. So it definitely gave me the warm fuzzies watching my monkey out there. Sniff sniff.

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  1. Anonymous

    Rock on Declan

    Love you

  2. Meghann

    That’s awesome!

    BTW-how old is that instructor? 12? LOL!

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    no kidding! And he was like 5’1″ too!

    But he was awesome!

  4. g-man

    Wow, GO D! Nice pictures.

    For some reason your blog doesn’t update in my RSS reader thing.

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Hmmm.I wonder why. Thanks for the heads up, G-Man. I will check into that.

  6. Anonymous

    That is just adorable! Go Dex!

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