Etsy is COOL!

Many moons ago, my friend Aimee (cool name) of the cool Unit 4-e jewelry store turned me on to this cool web site called Etsy (also cool name) where all these cool artists post their cool handmade work. But I was not cool enough to get my ass in gear and make a cool Etsy shop of my own. Until NOW!

I am so cool!

Here it is!

It was so simple. And easy. And fast. And cheap. And… COOL!

And gawd, as a web developer, I have been practically orgasmatroning over the tools this site provides. After you look at alllll my photos and pottery (and tell all your friends about it), be sure to check out the main page and the “Ways To Shop” section. I could spend literally hours in the Colors area, and the Time Machines are freaking amazing.

We work hard every day towards developing web sites that are this good. I am so, so, so impressed. And honestly. I don’t get impressed all that often.

But what I am REALLY excited about it the outlet for all those talented people. There is some amazingly COOL stuff on there.

If I actually do sell anything, I am sure it will be turned around into buying more artwork from other Etsyians.


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  1. Tree






    What about Cool Beans!?!

  2. nobaddays

    V. impressive. Your stuff looks gorgeous there!

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Tree, cool beans! How could I have forgotten!

    Sue, v. nice, v. Bridget Jones remark. 🙂

    And Merry, next time I an home, I plan to make extra effort to get some Annapolis dock/Main Street shots. I’ll be sure to let ya know!

    Thanks all!

  4. Swistle

    I love that site! Sundry mentioned it, and now I go periodically and browse browse drool browse.

  5. merry

    I love Etsy and wish I were creative enough to make something to sell there!

    I haven’t made any purchases yet but I’m sure I will someday. If I ever get around to decorating my house, some of your photos would look lovely 🙂

  6. mar


  7. Mrs. Chicky

    I agree. Etsy is very cool. And now I must go check out your very cool Etsy site.

  8. Her Bad Mother

    Ooooh, I didn’t know about this! VERY COOL.

  9. Sarah

    Hey, that site is great! Thanks for the tip!

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Samantha, hi and welcome (thanks for checking me out too). Let me know when you have a Etsy store too! Love to see it! And BrYans do rock!

  11. samantha jo campen

    I’ve been wanting to get one started, and now you’ve spured me into action. I’m glad you thought it was easy and COOL. Thanks for the testimony:-)

    Oh, and thanks for checking my blog out! Nice to ‘meet’ you! And Bryan’s with a ‘Y’ rock!!

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