This past week I was in Park City for the EVO conference. It was a wonderful time of learning and bonding with fellow women in social media.

But one conversation stands out for me, and captures how I feel about people I have met through the blogosphere.

Rachael, one of the organizers of the conference is Mormon. People have asked me before if the conference has a Mormon flavor to it, and the answer is no. I know that Rachael and Jyl have gone out of their way to make the conference comfortable and welcoming for everyone attending.

Which is why I knew I could ask Rachael about Mormonism late one night, a religion I know little about.

I call myself agnostic, but generally believe in a higher power. I mostly I believe in a person’s right to have faith in whatever they can muster faith for. Faith is amazing. My biggest problem with religion is when people try to tell me I am wrong if I don’t believe what they do.

I knew Rachael would not do that.

She listened to my questions and explained.

She even gave me a tiny (tiny) peek of her Mormon underwear, or “garments,” or “G’s” as she told me they all call them. The way she described them reminded me of why I like to listen to people discuss their religion.

“It’s basically a reminder of my relationship with God. I can feel them, and feel him, and it feels like protection and love.”

That’s just lovely.

And there was no judgement between us for our differing views, just a big hug and kiss as we said good night… and some more things to think about as I drifted off to sleep.

That’s evolution.

Crocus Buds

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  1. Everyfann

    Gorgeous post, AImee.

  2. Anonymous

    I may not agree with Mormonism, but I like your angle in this post.

  3. Amie aka mammaloves

    Those are wonderful conversations. Some days I wish I had grown up with a distinct faith.

  4. Amie aka mammaloves

    Those are wonderful conversations. Some days I wish I had grown up with a distinct faith.

  5. Kim Hosey

    I can’t say I agree intellectually, but I most definitely agree in spirit. Which I guess is exactly your point.

  6. Megan

    Religion is hard. It’s hard to talk to friends about it. At least mine.

  7. Ms. Maxwell

    Co-existing in SLC is not easy…and by that I mean among Mormons and those who are not. For our family, we try to focus on “Big Utah,” which is the breathtaking daily reason we came here 15 years ago and never left. For those who focus on “Small Utah,” the holy wars are a ridiculous waste of energy. I’m glad you got a peek at why I have so many friends who are members of the LDS church…it’s a quiet, confident faith for those who live beyond the public identity that many wear like an arrogant coat of entitled hypocrisy.

    And…sorry I missed you AGAIN this year. But thought of you for sure. 🙂

  8. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    Great recap that captures the essence of social media conferences. I missed this one in Park City, but looking forward to 2012 🙂

  9. Tree

    Very nice. When we can discuss sensitive subjects in an open and non-judgmenteal manner, we learn so much from each other. Nicely done.

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