Famous Doctor Day

Well, it’s been an eventful day at the doctor’s.

I took Declan to the allergy/asthma specialist this morning… and you guessed it, he has mild asthma. It gets more severe during colds and high allergy times (illness-induced asthma)… so we are going after prevention and putting him on a Pulmacort breathing treatment nightly through March. We will reevaluate then, as it is the end of of cold season and Doc says we’ll probably try to take him off the Pulmacort and see how he does. When Dex gets sick, we double the Pulmacort and Doc also gave me a script for prednisone to have on hand if Dex has a severe attack like like did last week. My poor kiddo.

I also want to comment how much we love this allergist. He is great with Declan and actually remembers details from visit to visit. Sad how rare that is these days, huh? Remember we recently discovered I was allergic to 2 types of trees? Doc remembered the specific trees today, without looking at my chart. He rules.

Now on to Rio. Bryan took her in today to the vet’s. The Doc says she definitely has arthritis, and pretty badly. See my previous post about her pain and age. But he thinks she can be helped in that area quite a bit with meds. What concerned the doc the most was Rio’s heart. He kept her for observation today and will possibly do a chest X-ray too. Bryan will know more later when he picks her up, but I am really trying not to panic. But it’s been hard to work when you are on the verge of tears all day. Luckily I am in meeting hell today, which makes it easier to not think about it.

Oh, and why did I call this “Famous Doctor Day?” Our allergist is a health correspondent for the local news and the doctor Rio saw today is one of the doctors from Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets TV show. We have also seen the vet when he does a stand-up routine at the local comedy club. Now that is famous.

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