February Greeblemix Contest

January has always been the worst month of the year for me. Coming off the holidays, coming off the flip in light, making my night terrors surge in frequency, not to mention just the plain old winter BLAHS. Yuck.

Luckily, I made it through this January with ZERO night terrors, first time EVER. And even though I definitely slept pretty bad and OH YES have the winter blahs, it is now February, which means next month is March, and after that April, and you get the idea, so I am ready to celebrate!

Time for some MUSIC. As if you didn’t know, I give away 3 mix CDs every month to friends of this blog. Check out previous Greeblemix CDs for an idea of what they are about. And seeing as I am so happy it is NOT January anymore, I am letting the comments roll for an additional day.
1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2009.
2. No anonymous comments. Please make sure your email address is easily accessible through your entry!
3. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
4. Wednesday morning, I will use Random.org to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs, three winners!
5. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CD.
6. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

How was your January? Do you get the blahs? What are you looking forward to in February?

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  1. Tekee

    I’m with you. As soon as Feb 1st rolls around, it is practically Spring in my book, crazy I know. Despite the temperatures remaining cold and the possibility of snow remains through April (even May sometimes,) I start checking to see if my shorts still fit. On through to March 1st when I turn 43, it only gets better from here. 🙂

  2. The Bug

    My January was ok – a little chilly with a bit of snow, but nothing too traumatic. And just when I was getting ready to go “enough of this!” it became February. Like Tekee I have an early March birthday (turning 46 on the 3rd) so that’s just a celebratory month & then it’s spring!

  3. Tree

    Excellent job, Aimee! I am glad that January flew by for you without a major hitch.

    Count me in as another turning 40+ in early March!

  4. Life Grows On

    I have a whole new set of night terrors! I went and bought Dancing with the Stars Latin cardio and Pussycat Dolls work out. Um, pass, this girl cannot dance and workout at the same time. I usually just get my cardio from washing my hardwoods and tile floors, I am addicted, To my boys, BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS and Dave Matthews Band. I guess I could put a mix into the mix!

  5. Anonymous

    I want some music! – m

  6. tarable

    February means that I’ll be in Belize in five weeks! Not that I’m counting…

    But your CD would help me deal with the remaining time in a very musical way.

    And? I’m totally counting.

  7. St

    New music FTW! Brighten up my awful winter will ya? I had night terrors EVERY night through December and most of January. I never connected it to the time of year but now I’m wondering…

  8. WiredMonkey

    New Music is awesome…Still trying for one of those coveted Greeblemixes! 😉 I’m one of those odd people who loves the winter, so I don’t mind the cold weather…but, I’m sure it will be in the 60s and 70s here in Texas before long. Just how it rolls.

  9. Buttercupyaya

    TGIF…Thank God it’s February!

    WOOT! Clever, yes??? lol

    Also, I am determined to get this one an start my year off right! So, be prepared to see lots of me on this entry…lol…and also…lots of ellipses! HA!


  10. dozenroses13

    January was ehh… Winding down from the holidays though I still haven’t mustered up the energy to tackle taking down the Christmas tree….
    I ride motorcycles, so getting the blahs is putting it lightly. I live in Upstate NY and it’s been so cold here!!
    I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to this month. Valentine’s Day because hopefully my boyfriend will make me a duck dinner. Hopefully finding a VERY HIGH PAYING job…. (This job search is getting tedious) Getting more blog followers. January was my first month blogging and I had over 1000 views which I didn’t think was bad for my first month out of the gate. Trying to come up with more blogs and I’d like to get a few written for reserve for those days where I’m just not feeling it. I thought about having an interview series. I also want to work on a Travel series because I’ve been to 10 countries…. Okay, I’ll stop rambling now… Good Morning! LOL! I haven’t gone to sleep yet….

  11. dozenroses13

    I wonder why it didn’t post my picture next to my comment? I think I have one. Maybe because I’m using my wordpress open id to leave the comment?

  12. Sarah

    It is still bitterly cold here, spring won’t come around til AT LEAST April or May, but my wonderful husband turns 30 this month! Not something *he’s* looking forward to necessarily, but I like giving him presents. And eating cake.

  13. Heather

    Sadly my January was not the greatest. Three deaths, a near death of the washer, the flu of epic nastiness, injury to older daughter snowboarding and my dog having an allergic reaction to something of unknown origin.

    Here’s hoping is much better,because damn it, I need it.

  14. 6riddles

    I recently fell upon your site. How I got here I’m not sure, but I have enjoyed it very much.
    As for the contest…
    I love, love, love new music!!!
    Here’s a hopin’ 🙂

  15. 6riddles

    Forgot to mention, my January has been mild as far as Northwest Ohio winters go, but we’re suppose to get six more weeks of winter.
    I’m ready!

  16. Buttercupyaya

    holy cow. I almost forgot to enter again!!! it’s 11:37…oy.

  17. Buttercupyaya

    See…I told you I’d enter more than once.
    I WANT it baby!!!!

  18. Buttercupyaya

    this sort of feels like cheating.

    ok…that’s all…
    fingers and all other extremeties crossed.

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