February Greeblepix Finalists. And special love for Violence Unsilenced.

Business first. You all rock. ROCK ROCK ROCK. The photos this month were phenomenal and I am especially proud of the people entering photos for the first time. And extra extra extra proud of you non-pro-photographers. Thank you ALL for sharing your talent!

But we can only have 10 finalists. So here they are. Seriously amazing photos. Please vote to help your favorite get the $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental.


Adam Baker – Just A Moment

Amber Gregory – My First Earthquake

Catklein – I Almost Cried

Edward McGowan – Cookie Splash Extreme

Kendall Ruth – Fence Light in Tiltshift

Kim Hosey – He Glows

Meredith Winn – Dark & Stormy

Pimp – Tired of Daddy Face

Rachel Carlson – Watermelon Heart

Tanzyn – Jump


Who is the February Greeblepix winner?(polling)


On an entirely separate note, I would be remiss in mentioning that today is the 1 year anniversary of the site Violence Unsilenced, run by the fantabulous Maggie Dammit. You may remember I shared my story both here on Greeblemonkey and on VU this year. It was through the support of my family and friends like Maggie that I was able to do so. I am proud of all of us who found the courage to share, and hope it helped just one more person on their path to healing.

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  1. zipper

    wow. those are amazing. and the video was great.

  2. Heather

    totally forgot to submit my photo-was going to use the one I used for my VU photo, but these photos are amazing.

    And having Maggie and VU to speak out and break the silence…..well I feel like a winner everyday.


  3. monstergirlee

    Amazing photos – as alwasy excellent selections Aimee.
    Thanks for sharing the video – powerful stuff, Thank you.

  4. Jennifer

    AMAZING pics this month!!!

  5. Tanzyn

    Thank you for choosing my photo to be up here, the others are so amazing!:)

  6. seekingequipoise

    They are all stunning photographs!

  7. meredithwinn

    wow, what a group of photography! these are amazing. and that video? thank you so much for sharing.

  8. maggie, dammit

    Those photos are incredible.

    Thank you so much for this, A. I’m so grateful to you. xo

  9. Kim Hosey

    Such a powerful video; amazing people.

    And I will choose to feel proud of my photo, because the shots that keep it company this month are all phenomenal. Thanks!

  10. Rachel Carlson

    thanks aimee. the video is powerful. wow.

  11. michelleamallory

    WOW-Amazing entries this month! So inspiring!

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