First time being babysat by teenagers…

We had a really nice day yesterday! I’d say we deserve it after last week, wouldn’t you?

Saturday morning, we got the house clean (Cat fur was EVERYWHERE after being gone on vacation… It was like Finn decided he would spread his allergic love as far and wide as he possibly could.) Declan was helping too, by scrubbing the counter top with a sponge while standing on a chair. There is a one foot radius that is the cleanest it ever has been before.

Then Declan came with me to the pottery studio. I glazed, he played with wet clay. I glazed some more, he arranged the color sample tiles of all the glazes. I glazed some more, he ran around chasing the studio owner’s dog. You get the idea. We had a great time.

Then in the evening, my business partner arrived with her hubby and their 13yo and 16yo. As a present to their parents, the kids had volunteered to baby-sit Declan for us. Which essentially meant them watching Blue’s Clues with him all evening, but I am not complaining!

The adults when to Potager for dinner and were summarily impressed. Luckily the waiter told us the pronunciation (po-ta-jay) before I opened my big uncouth mouth… I had been calling the place Po-taay-gerrr in my head all these years. Very yummy food, in a quaint neighborhood setting. Thumbs up.

Then we headed downtown and tried to play pool at the Wynkoop Brewery. I guess people were attached to their balls because we never could get a table – so we just sat and had lovely conversation. And beers.

Home by 11, in bed by 11:30. Now that’s what I call a good night.

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