Flower Tower – Weathering The Storm

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Denver weather is a little nuts, especially in the Spring! It’s a complete roller-coaster and that can effect your garden plans. We worked on our Flower Tower in 70 degree weather with shorts on, and since then it has snowed twice. I am not complaining, because snow is how we get most of our water for the summer – it just usually happens in March. Or February.

Winterspring I guess we are getting the storm that wasn't from last week? #cowx

But, yep, this year – it came in April and we have gone into protective mode for the Flower Tower. I love how you guys have asked about it, like it’s our new puppy or something, but I PROMISE. The Flower Tower is FINE.

Noting the weird weather streak, here is how we handled the challenges of spring in Colorado:

– Since we planted the Flower Tower before Mother’s Day, it needed some extra attention – and we knew it would from the beginning. But we also knew it would have a head start to being a signature piece on our patio this summer.
– We brought the Flower Tower inside on the days we had snow. Yup. Houseguest!
– We checked the weather reports, and on nights that were going to be cold, Flower Tower got a trash bag cover.
– We did a “power-raking” of the rest of the yard. Got rid of dead leaves and “freshened up” the grass. All this snow is making everything really green!
– We also counted our blessings because the trees were not all the way “out”during the 12 inches of snow we got during this last storm. That is always when we get the most damage because the heavy wet snow pulls down branches and the aftermath looks like drowned kittens in timber form.

Aimee Finishing Flower Tower

As far as any challenges with the Flower Tower itself, they were minimal! We did decide to shorten the height of our wire because we were scared the Tower might be too, well, towering.

Also, I will warn you that this thing is HEAVY. Not really a big deal unless you are moving it in an out of your house like we have been. Solution: transportation via skateboard and steadying hands.


How about you?

Have you started planting for Spring and Summer?

You think you might try a Flower Tower for yourself?

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  1. SarahPatts

    Great tips – the weather here is unbelievable in Spring.

  2. Bugfrog

    We will protect Flower Tower till the end!

  3. zipper

    I can’t believe your weather

  4. Felix Lee

    Glad to know you have found a way to protect this flower tower even with the untimely coming of the snow.

  5. Guru Girl

    I’m a really bad gardener but love the results. I might try the Flower Tower though. You give good instructions and it’s so pretty. Also, good point. I can bring it inside when it snows here in April. Crazy!!!

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