Going Back For Another Round

Yes. The fight continues. The yucky fight. With the yucky yucky acne.

This was me, last night, after 7 shots to my face over lunch at the dermatologist’s. So, you are absolutely right in thinking that my face looks PISSED.

That’s the general consensus of my face, my brain, my photographs, pretty much everything related to me and my skin right now. Pissed.

Why to these massive cysts keep coming back? Is it stress? (Had some). Is it medicine? (Did some googling and my sleep meds may be part of the problem). Is is dry Colorado air and lack of moisture (because, really – even with breakouts, your skin needs that moisture).

Probably all of the above.

And I know I am not alone. I can’t tell you how many emails I have received from people too shy to comment on this issue, but are silently suffering along with me. Thanks for the emails, ladies. They make me feel better about posting these hideous photos of myself. Serious.

So, I am back on antibiotics and I am also trying something new. The folks from TRIA Beauty have sent me their blue light skin clarifying system to try out. After reading the instructions last night (which, by the way – sound suspiciously like that Happy Fun Ball commercial from Saturday Night Live) – it’s clear that I can’t use the light on my really really BIG cysts. You know, the ones I have been naming with alternate boy/girl names like they do for hurricanes. But I *am* excited to see if it will kill the bacteria in my less hazardous areas, and overall make a difference in further breakouts. Cause that would rock.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Beckie – yes, this is the wash system I use – which has tea tree oil in it… http://www.acnefree.com/af – the sensitive skin version. I really like it.

    And Carrie – you are the bomb. 😉

  2. Megan

    You go get em girl! Will be interested to hear how the blue light thing works.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Oh and Beckie – we are still considering accutane. We’ll see.

  4. alice

    I had terrible cystic acne in my twenties and took Accutane twice. The 2nd time seemed to do the trick. Religiously avoiding *ever* touching my face also helped a great deal.

    And I think you’re excellent for talking about this. I thought I was the only adult who had such bad skin, back when I was really dealing with it. There would be days when I’d be too depressed to go to work.

  5. Beckie

    I feel your pain. I had the same cyst type acne in my early 30’s. I went on acutane which has really helped, I rarely get those cyst anymore. I also use Proactive religiously, I just use the wash and have not had problems since, I am now 42.
    Acne sucks!

  6. carrie

    For the record, I think you’re beautiful. I’m sorry you have to deal w/this.

  7. Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    I had acne as a teen, then in my 20s it pretty much went away. When I was pregnant & nursing, I had the BEST SKIN EVER.

    AS SOON as I stopped nursing, the cysts started. Annoying isn’t strong enough a word to describe the frustration.

    I’ve tried EVERY cheap, prescription, and even UBER expensive wash available. I’ve been going to the dermo for 3 years now, and nothing has worked. The only other step is Accutane, but with my emo issues, I can’t take the birth control it requires to be on Accutane.

    So now, I’m pretty much resigned to being the 30-something with 12-year-old boy’s skin. Not awesome.

  8. fidget

    I’m a wreck right now too. I need moisturizer but i cant find one that doesnt give me more zits or piss off my eczema AND is ok to use while pregs. I swear I can feel more zits popping up while im still washing my damn face and lets not even talk about my lower body and the backne OH MY FUDGE the backne right now *sad panda*

  9. Fruitlady

    Your eyes are a dazzling green. That’s all I could see in this photo…

  10. Sheryl Rayner

    I used to get cystic zits – only one or two each month. I started using the Clarisonic and haven’t had a problem with them since. It’s ridiculously expensive ($200+) but it got rid of them for good.

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