Happy Birthday AMZY

I used to do birthday posts for friends and I am not sure why I stopped. I also used to post a whole lot more, but that is whole ‘nother story.

Today is the birthday of two AMZY members, another has one next week… and well… Nick’s isn’t for like nine months but I’ll link back to this post for you then, pal.

If you have never seen AMZY live, I encourage you to head over to the Engage Festival at Summit Music Hall tomorrow. Of course, since there are more concerts in Denver this weekend than bikes in the Colorado Classic (who is holding a music festival too), I can’t be there.

But, trust me, I wish I could be. The guys are great live. Fun, talented, nice people.

Bonus: Really on point with their GIF game, and they slay at Cards Against Humanity.

Even made an impromptu appearance at our summer party – 80’s guitar power slide included.


Photo by John Morning Bear

It’s pretty clear I am way behind on photos. But because I love these guys, I jumped ahead to the photos from their last show at the Gothic (which I am still way behind on but it’s the thought that counts right)?

Sorry we can’t celebrate your birthday(s) with you in person, fellas.

P.S. Sorry-not-sorry I stole the top photo from your Facebook page. Apparently we don’t have any “AIMZY” photos.

AMZY Concert Photos – Gothic Theatre Denver

[envira-gallery id=”18229″]
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