Happy Birthday Dana & Babs!

Two people who are very special to me were born today.

My oldest friend! We once worked together at the record store while we went to different high schools together, but then through all the twists and turns in our lives, we have stayed friends throughout. Dana is wicked smart (yet horribly bad at directions), a great listener, and someone you can just pick up with no matter how long its been since we’ve seen each other. In fact, we haven’t seen each other since her son was born – that’s just too damn long. We’ll have to work on that. Happy birthday, sweetie! I miss you!

I met Babs in college, when she was simply Caroline. She pushed me to do better at school – and I will always remember the class she pushed me so hard that we both earned an A in a class where the teacher swore he only gave one A per semester. Then she moved to San Francisco and became even more cool. I miss her a ton, too. Have a great birthday!

Love you both!

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