He Delivered

Dave exclaimed on the way over to the show last night that we were in for a Bush-bashing treat… and Bill Maher definitely delivered. Most of the show was pointing out all the craziness within the Bush administration (he has a lot of material to chose from)… but Bill also talked about men/women relationships (he is such a chauvinist, but God help me I still love him), how our food is crap, spent some time skewering religion, and he even managed to slide in a couple cracks about Paris Hilton. Afterwards, we stopped at the Paramount Cafe and I had a few Hurricanes (my new favorite drink) and greasy late-night sliders. Of course, we got into a spirited conversation exalting Bill’s many “gotcha” comments – and wondered why the hell all the crap that Bush does simply slides by the mass population. It truly is mind-boggling.

Definitely a fun way to start my “birthday jubilee.”

P.S. Declan and I had a pllow fight before the show. That was fun too.

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