Healthcare Reform and Political Discord

This week was a good week for me. Something I feel very strongly about finally came into being.

Healthcare Reform.

I build health education web sites. Cancer prevention web sites. OF COURSE I believe in this.

I don’t give a flip what you say on Twitter or Facebook, I believe, to the bottom of my soul, in this.

Because, beyond the “I will pay $50 more for this, and my deductible will do that” minutia is an IDEA. A bigger picture. A shift in thinking that was long overdue.

Sure, I don’t agree with everything in HCR. In fact, I actually don’t think it goes far enough. But I understand our country is not ready for what we really need to do make us healthy, so I am happy with what I can get.

And I am so. fucking. sick. of people just thinking about themselves. Or spouting off about the Constitution. Please. Our forefathers would be vomiting in their spittoons over the rhetoric spewed in their name. And if not, guess what. It’s a brave new world and THEY AREN’T HERE.

The main point of HCR for me: Get people insured, get them preventive care, keep them out of the ER for drastic procedures that we all pay for. Flip the system.


OK, fine. It really is complicated. I don’t get the in’s and out’s of all of it. Because honestly, the way people are yelling, I stopped listening to a lot of it.

When people like this are out there, how can you not?

I will tell you a little secret. Sometimes I tweet stuff to shake off hard-core conservatives. Not those assholes from this video, those I block. But people who “love God and my country and you are a socialist!” – I wonder why they are following me in the first place. Childish, I know, but sometimes it is fun to toss a few “GET OFF MY LAWN!” messages and see what happens.

I never call names, or go after people, or say anything other than what I am really feeling.

Which is what I have been seeing in relation to HCR, and that is sad.

I do have one conservative friend whose tweets I look forward to. Dana Loesch and I have managed to stay friends even though we don’t see eye to eye on politics, and I always enjoy seeing what she has to say on any topic. Is she passionate? Yes. Is she loud? Yes. But she is smart, articulate and (mostly) reasonable. (Kidding, Dana!)

Why can’t more of my interactions with conservatives be like what happens with Dana? Partly, I think – because nutjobs like Sarah Palin (and the video above, even) get more attention than people with real ideas for their party – which I think is very, very sad for the GOP.

Of course, the same can be said for Democrats – in that we are so wish-washey that we can’t get anything done, or keep on point, thus making discussion infuriating. [This post being an example of that.] I like to think we are willing to see all sides, but the truth is politics sucks no matter how you slice it.

But, here’s the thing. Politics aside. You are set in your ways. You have your feelings on HCR.

And I do too.

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  1. The Bug

    Love love love that last picture! It’s how I feel about it. Sure it’s not enough, but heavens isn’t it nice to see some movement in this area! And yes, my number one disappointment with this whole thing is that I’ve discovered that a lot of people really DON’T care about their neighbor. Very sad.

  2. zipper

    fuck yeah, Aimee.

  3. Megan

    THANK YOU for posting this. i am so sick of the fighting. We need to do this!!!

  4. Ardmore

    I don’t really like HCR, but I love this post. A good example of showing both sides of the story. Thanks.

  5. Autumn

    Exactly how I feel! In the words of our VP… this is a big Fucking deal!

  6. san

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks Aimee.


    I am a Republican. Now see wait right htere I am sure images of Rush Limbaugh glen Beck and Sarah Palin entered your head? I did not say Consservative. I said Republican.

    I disagree with most of the HCR Bill from a principle stanpoint, but they are mine and I do not expect them to be someone esles. (Look right there..I said Principle and you are thinking to yourself…Oh look he is going on priciples…what makes him so high and mighty…to throw principle out there like that.)

    But that is just it. They are mine. I did not say moral.

    I was happy to see the HCR go through, why? It shows our govt doing work. For a change. Elected officials finally did something and Change although not always positive is good.

  8. Anonymous

    WOOT! – m

  9. Bethany

    Hell to the yeah! And now I don’t even have to write a post, because you said it so nicely! 🙂 And who can argue with “This is something I strongly believe in.” If they are your friend, game over, conversation done. Respect, right? All the hate-energy should be used for something prodcutive, something constructive. Ah. A good start to the year.

  10. J at

    Flip the system. AMEN. I am with you, this bill sucks a bit, and could be a lot better. I want to see single payer. There are many countries who are working through the ups and downs of this, and we should be learning from their successes and mistakes. But the fundamental change, the thought process, a shift in thinking…that, I believe in.

  11. Beth in SF

    I was talking to my husband about this a few weeks ago. About how whenever you hear someone talking about their friends/family picking arguments about politics, it’s ALWAYS the conservatives saying the nasty things and bringing up irrelevant stuff, and shoving their opinion down your throat. It is ALWAYS the liberal who says “I see their side, just can’t get behind it. Don’t know why they yell so loud.” Weird.

    Also, yes on HCR, it’s about effing time. People think this is some new concept that Obama came up with, but really politicians have been trying to get a program like this for 100 years. A CENTURY. I’m tired of getting raked over the coals by my insurance company, but being told I should be “grateful you have insurance”. And I’m tired of people who need health care being denied health care for ridiculous reasons. The government is NOT trying to make all of your health care decisions for you. The government is trying to help you the best, most diplomatic way they were able to work out.

  12. Jeremy

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I seriously love you guys.

  14. Barb

    I don’t agree with this bill on many fundamental levels. However, I see that there are very good points that will help some people. I guess that makes me a liberal Republican. I see your point, I respect your opinion on the bill, I just don’t happen to agree that this was the best way to solve the issues at hand.

    I am sure we will still share a drink the next time we meet though.

    Which is what I see as one of the best things coming out of this. It seems more people are willing to listen to each other because we are all so confused as to how this 2000 page bill will really personally effect each of us.

    The other is that the majority of Americans are waking up out of a fog and finally paying attention to what our government is doing right or wrong.

  15. Heather

    Aimee, I wish we lived closer so we could discuss discuss discuss.

    I am freaking confused as HELL as to the crap that is happening right now.

    I am sick about it.

    What can we do?

  16. MB

    I’m not comfortable asking you to pay my medical bills.

  17. Cheryl

    Thank you. Huzzah. I tuned it all out awhile ago too. Crazy batshit lunacy everywhere.

  18. Dana

    Love you lady. I choose to follow you because youse classy and get that certain things are accessory, not the core, of relationships. *muah*

  19. Rachel

    I get so riled up over conservatives.

    I try to understand their side, I really do, but I just wasn’t raised on “personal responsibility”, I was raised on “social responsibility”.

    and this bill goes a long way to that end on health care.

  20. Boston Mamas

    You are awesome A. Yes, it’s high time for progress.

  21. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    MB #1, I don’t understand your comment. Can you clarify. What am I paying for?

  22. Julie Pippert

    To MB#1: Anyone who has health insurance currently pays in a way that covers others. It’s called a risk pool. The current problem is the risk pool isn’t working right and too many people are excluded. The odd thing is that while health care costs go up for us, despite a decreased risk pool, payments to doctors go down but health insurance profits go up. See the dilemma? Doctors get paid less, patients get less coverage, but costs are up and profits are up. The equation is upside down.

    This balances it out more fairly. It’s not my ideal bill but it’s something, which is better than nothing.

    Here are three links with more info for those who are confused or interested:

    Clear & Simple Answers to “What does health insurance reform actually mean for me?”

    Step into Karoli’s HCR Complaint Department (a great explanation of risk pools)

    It Passed the House. Now What? (a good guide to factual information about the bill)

    Great post, Aimee, thanks!!

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks Julie, you rock!

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Gonzomama, WORD!!!!!
    But I do think that is part of the problem – those same people bitching about this also are the ones ripping apart the idea of public schools. I tweeted an image this week that sums up what you said too:

    I know the govt isn’t perfect, but let’s give credit where credit is due!

  25. Marly

    I agree! HCR is so important. I would have liked to have seen more too, but this is at least movement in the right direction. I’m just so shocked by all these people who are outraged by it. They’re acting like 3 yr olds throwing a temper tantrum if you ask me. And also, like you say, worse yet are the selfish ones who are worried they might have to give up a little of their “best health care system in the world” to share with those who don’t have any. I started a site devoted to health care reform a few months ago. It was fun reading your post!

  26. MB

    I don’t understand all of it either, but movement is KEY. I do care about my neighbor…and my children…and all others affected. Great words, Aim.

  27. Nat

    I can speak for many Canadians when we really don’t get what all the fuss is about. However, a step in the right direction…

  28. Anonymous

    Welcome back. – m

  29. gonzomama

    so well said aimee!

    i asked my husband the other night if i was naive or just stupid, because i don’t understand why this has people so utterly worked up. i understand you may disagree with this, but i don’t understand the ways that disagreement is being presented. why are these people not upset that some people can pay $30,000 a yr for insurance and so many can’t afford to visit a doctor at all. i support this change 100%, not because i agree with everything that is in the bill, but because it is at least a movement forward. health care in this country needs to be about health and not profit.

    this, to me, is no different than public education, only this is going to save peoples lives. taxpayers pay for public schools and i don’t hear people who use public schools called the “moocher class”.

    *that video was seriously disturbing. it made my stomach turn. hate + ignorance is such a terrifying combination.

  30. gonzomama

    **please excuse the typos. your post hit a nerve : )

  31. EatPlayLove

    Thanks Aimee, it’s truly a great post. Saddens me to see such hatred. I couldn’t stand GW, but I never ever disrespected him in the way that people take the liberty to disrespect President Obama.

  32. Christina

    Very well said. I think that this is the right thing to do. If anyone has been uninsured or underinsured with an illness, they should support this act. All American’s should have a fundamental right to basic healthcare. When did we stop thinking about being altruistic? No one should lose everything b/c they get sick, which is the case now. I wish this act went further but it is definitely going in the right way.

    If you want to see how this will affect you, check out this nifty site:

    Great post!

  33. Kim Hosey

    Ex-freaking-xactly. Preach it.

  34. Kelly

    AMEN sister!!
    I agree with everything you say!
    I agree with Gonzomama too, in that I don’t understand why people are SO worked up about this?!?! I mean FOAMING at the mouth! Really? you don’t think things need to change?!?!
    They say that people were like this when Social Security was formed, and Medicaid. Well, DEAL. It’s TIME.
    I need this personally.
    Thanks Aimee. Love you, and your friends.

  35. Burgh Baby

    I thought I was the only one that threw out random tweets to shake people! I’m totally guilty of proclaiming my devotion to the idea of marriage equality, if only so I can shake off those who support discrimination.

    And Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s not a perfect bill, but at least it’s a start.

  36. Jennifer (ponderosa)

    It’s true that we spend too much time yelling at each other and not enough time listening, trying to come to agreement.

    In the particular instance of the Health Care Reform bill, however, I understand why there was so much rancour. This bill requires that absolutely everyone in the country buy health insurance. Any bill requiring all 300 million Americans to buy something is going to create a bit of controversy — even if the majority of us are already buying it.

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