The Secret

Remember that book, or video or whatever it was? The Secret? I don’t even really know what it was, honestly, because I try not to pay attention to things that promise to fix your life overnight. But if I understand the premise of The Secret, it HAS kind of been fixing my life, for ALL my life.

Not that I believe if I whisper out to the cosmos I want a million dollars, it will suddenly appear on my doorstep. Although that would be nice.

But I do believe in the power of positive thought. Prayer. Whatever you want to call it.

I am not religious by any means, but I do think I am spiritual. Or maybe I just find it comforting to think there are SOME bigger things at work around here.

But I also believe in work, in luck, in laughing, in hoping, in dreaming.

And thinking. And wanting. And working.

Bryan and I feel incredibly lucky for our semi-charmed lives. It’s not perfect – but how can we complain??? Good jobs, great kid – plus all of us in decent health, despite my continual whining to the contrary.

And every time we have sat down to plan our lives, every time we talk about what we want… here’s THE SECRET… IT HAPPENS.

Again, a total combination of thinking and wanting and working, but goddammit – IT HAPPENS.

Things have been changing this summer around our house. A ton. Bryan has a new, big job that is awesome but also, well, big… we are struggling through not working together anymore, Declan is doing that whole “growing up” thing… and as I started talking about the next 5 years Bryan put a finger to my lips.

“If you say it, it will happen. Be careful what you wish for.”


So… I’m thinking.

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  1. Pammer

    I once asked for my life to be more interesting – more like a soap opera (I was single at the time).

    I got what I asked for.

    I learned to be very careful for what I asked for from there on out.

  2. Amanda

    Lovely post, Aimee. Keep thinking!

  3. Anonymous

    Love this post! 🙂 I love positive thinking. – m

  4. Hannah

    Other people don’t always believe me when I tell them about the things I’ve “asked” for and how they have come about. But they don’t need to believe. I believe and that’s the key. Thanks for just saying it so simply.

  5. Anonymous

    love this. So true.

    maile 🙂


    This is one of the reasons I love this blog. Positive people do positive things. Think positive and the results are positive.

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