Hide & Seek

I love how kids think about things. No rules. No borders. They push the envelope every single day.

Declan and I were playing hide and seek down in the basement tonight. Just the two of us. We went back and forth a few times… me finding him, him finding me. Then he says (with the most adorable little vulerable face ever), “Mommy, will you hide with me?” For a millisecond, I was thinking, “How is that going to work? Who will find who? Those aren’t the rules.” But, for once in my overly structured life, I just went with it.

So, I followed him into the corner and the two of us crouched next to the guest bed, smiling like loons. We counted to ten and then yelled, “Ready or not, here we come!” Pause. I look at him and he looks at me. “So, who should we go find?”

He gets this huge grin… “THE… TV!”

Well, alrighty then! I have to give the boy credit, that was a damn fine idea.

We crept into the other room, walking like bears – GRRR sounds and paws and everything – and I will tell you, we scared the CRAP out of that ole TV.

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