Five years ago on Wednesday, I signed the papers to sell my half of the company.

Five years ago on Thursday, I boarded a plane for SXSW.

Five years ago on Friday, I attended some parties.

Five years ago on Saturday, I was in the hospital.


It only comes up anymore when I can’t hear people. Which is usually at loud bars. Which is when they ask why I don’t wear a hearing aid. Which is exactly the place that hearing aids work the least.


So much has changed.

We both work at home.

Our son is about to enter high school.

I am a bonafide concert photographer.

I build web sites, for all kinds of people, all over the world.

But so much is the same.


We live in the same house, with the same dog, and many of the same friends.

But given the news every single day, the temperature outside sure seems colder.

And yet, I remain hopeful.


What people don’t understand is I am thankful for my hearing loss.

Five years ago.

Five days in the hospital.

Two surgeries.

Nine months in bed.

A stronger, more grateful person in the end.

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  1. Jessica Kerriman

    This is one crazy story, Aimee. Glad things are much better for you.

  2. Julie Sutter

    I’m sure glad you’re around!

  3. Zipper

    Five years already? wow.

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