I Am Ready To Travel Again

It’s been a while since we have gone anywhere, mainly due to all those surgeries I had on my ear in 2011. Right now, we are looking next year with a new optimism. Work is picking up for both Bryan and Giese Media – and we really feel like 2013 is “our year.”

We are cautiously thinking about travel again… you know we love to go places, have Declan explore them with us – and of course, I love to photograph it all.

Here is my slideshow of faves from past travel adventures.

Where do you think we should go in 2013?

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  1. StevieFriend

    Someplace really pretty – for the photos!

  2. Rachel

    No idea, but I’m going to feed the travel bug myself after a long break (hopefully London in February). 🙂

  3. Everyfann

    Funny. We are thinking London too!

  4. zenrain

    You can’t go wrong with Paris! Or, completely different, Alaska…I loved it more than I ever could have imagined!

  5. Kriddie

    Best Road trip ever with my sister… We drove up to the NW most corner of Washington & drove Hwy. 101 & Hwy. 1 all the way down the coast to San Diego. It was gorgeous, the views can not be beat & there are a ton of National Parks along the way to enjoy. We saw Multnomah, whales breaching, breathtaking beaches, the Redwood Forest, Mavericks, vineyards – absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to repeat the trek. I only wish i could pack your photography skills in my suitcase so my pictures looked as incredible as yours.
    No matter where you guys go, as long as you’re together, it will be memorable!

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