I’m Pooped (and shameless self-promotion)…

I’m sorry I didn’t get to the last day of our Hawaiian adventures today, I promise it will come tomorrow. It’s been one of those days – mainly eclipsed with dealing with insurance hassles related to our group plan at work, and have I mentioned that United Healthcare can go fuck itself? And along those lines, why is no one listening to John Edwards and his talk about getting universal healthcare straightened out by drawing a line in the sand, and if Congress and the cabinet doesn’t get it figured out, he is going to cancel all their insurance and see how they fucking like it? But OK, OK, Obama is rockin’ it right now too, even if Clinton beat him today (by a margin of, oh, about nothing). So here’s to Mr. Change taking his wave of happy happy joy joy and marching right through the Motor City. Edwards/Obama 2008 is what I say. Or Obama/Edwards 2008. I really don’t care.

So. Anyway. Hawaii tomorrow. I’m pooped. Long day.

But while you’re dazzled by my superior writing skills, as evidenced by me saying fuck twice already, how about voting for me in the 2008 Bloggie Nominations? You need to vote for 3 different blogs, and AS IF you needed any suggestions, there are plenty to choose from in my bloglist link, but there is one to put in the categories of “Photography,” “Best Design,” “Best Kept Secret,” and “Mommy Who Likes To Use The Word Fuck Alot”… and that one is: g-r-e-e-b-l-e-m-o-n-k-e-y.

Here’s the link. Have at it. See you tomorrow. Snore.


Oh, and have you noticed the Blogger’s Choice thingees to the right? Just sayin’.

P.S. Not that I actually think I’d even come close to winning any of these things, it’s just a hoot!

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  1. zipper

    Insurance sucks ass. And I’ll vote for you, kid.

  2. Anonymous

    We understand, all that photo editing! Holy moly!

  3. lauren

    I would love and Obama/Edwards ticket too!

  4. Sizzle

    going to go vote!

  5. Michelle

    Amen Sister on the insurance company crap!!!! I’m so sick of insurance companies. I really hope that whoever the next president is, they will straighten it all out. My vote is for Edwards.


  6. Anonymous

    You go get em, girl!

  7. Gretchen

    Ok. I voted. Happy now? Heh.

  8. jennifer

    Thank you for being another person to shamelessly self promote! I’m off to go vote (finally!).

  9. flutter

    oof. Insurance.

  10. Anonymous

    I voted. And insurance sucks.

  11. Kelly

    We have United too. First we had it via my company. Then my husband had them with his company. Then he changed companies…and more United! I have to say, they seem to have deteriorated over the years.

    Now I’m off to vote! Though I have to avoid the hottest mommy one as I’m in that category as well! OK, OK… I’ll do that one too!

  12. boogiemum

    yay! for Obama/Edwards!

    You know how much I love insurance 🙁

    And I am on my way to vote, so Yay! for Greeblemonkey!

  13. Stacey

    I am not understanding the polls either!

  14. soccer mom in denial

    Living just south of New Hampshire, everyone in my politico world is floored with the democratic race. We all knew McCain would win the Republicans since they LOVE him in New Hampshire.

    Y’know, I’m pooped too….

  15. Melissa

    Okay, Okay – I will vote! And gorgeous Maui photos. Stunning!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks so much for voting, everyone! Smooches!!!

  17. Bevson

    I voted. Love your site!

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