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I was trying to upload a pic of what Bryan and Declan have been up to while I have been in Austin, but Blogger is being an asshole. So, I have lazed in bed watching Entertainment Tonight and Donny Osmond was just talking about his appearance in the Weird Al Yankovic video “White and Nerdy.” In general, I have a fairly negative opinion of Weird Al, but he just went way up in my estimation for featuring Donny in such an awesome manner.

How many of you had Donny and Marie doll when you were kids? With the Jesus holes in their hands for the microphones? Oh yes. Donny is *always* a good thing.

Cough, cough, not saying this song has any relation to the people here at SXSW, at ALL.

Because SXSW has HOT nerds.

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  1. Alpha DogMa

    I love Weird Al — ever since Another One Rides The Bus. Yeah, White and Nerdy is practically my theme song… or it would be if I ever stopped playing The Saga Begins. It really is all about being at one with the nerdiness.

  2. zipper

    weird al can be very funny.

  3. Sarah O.

    Years ago I was taken to some fundraiser concert featuring, among far cooler acts, Donnie & Marie. I KNOW!

    To my astonishment and horror, I discovered that Donnie was genuinely exceptionally talented. I KNOW!

    Marie? Not so much.

  4. Kathy

    Donny and Marie dolls? Yep. I had the van, too. Barbie and G.I. Joe really liked the van, if I recall.

  5. Jonathan Merchant

    /me is white and nerdy…

    just like the D&D thing the other day, I was trying to explain Full Metal Alchemist to my wife…

    All I got were doe eyes and a smile

    I never much cared for either Donnie or Marie…

    You’re fat you’re fat….who’s fat?

  6. Candy

    Jesus holes? Holy crap, girl. ROFL.

  7. alejna

    I love Weird Al. I think he’s brilliant. (Though I don’t always enjoy listening to his music, necessarily. If I don’t like the musical style of the original, chances are I won’t like Weird Al’s version either. Though often I like it more. Though not the polkas. I just can’t get into polkas.)

    I’m curious, what’s the origin of your negative opinion of him?

    As for Donny and Marie, I had no dolls. But I do remember watching them. I’m cursed with having that “I’m a little bit Country…and I’m a little bit Rock-n-Roll” bit running through my head at any mention of them.

  8. Miss Britt

    No, no Donny and Mary dolls. But I LOVE Weird Al.

    I don’t know what that says about the state of my soul… probably something not good.

  9. a. beaverhausen

    I wish I was at SXSW. I live only three hours from Austin. You’d think it would be easier for me to get there.

  10. treesflowersbirds

    I’ve always loved Weird Al. And yes, I had the dolls. And all their albums too. I love that Donny does things like that.

  11. J at

    OK, I’m a big dork…what’s SXSW?

    No Donny and Marie dolls, but my husband was in the pilot episode of the Marie Osmand show (maybe it was just called “Marie”?), and he used the money he made from it to buy himself a Schwinn Varsity, which he just got rid of a few months ago. That bike was a tank!

    I ‘met’ Weird Al, because I worked at a big hotel in San Francisco, and I was the desk clerk who checked him in. He was very NOT into himself, very friendly and kinda maybe shy-ish.

    Don’t you wish you knew me in person, since we’ve met these famous folks? Then again, you know Jon and Heather, and have actually SPOKEN to them in conversations, not just “you’ll be in room 3115, enjoy your stay…”

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    JellyJules, it’s this! There is also a film and music

    And I do wish I knew you in person!

  13. Ashmystir

    Jesus holes? LMAO!

    I love weird Al.

    Never had Donny and Marie dolls. Although there is a pic from the 80s circulating of me with a Donny’s bouffon hair do.

    Damn perm!


  14. RubiaLala

    That video is freaking hilarious. I love Weird Al.

    No Donny and Marie dolls, though.

  15. Bryan

    Let’s take it up a notch, shall we?


  16. Amy

    I think I am a total space cadet sometimes, because I’ve watched that probably 20 times before now and never noticed that was Donny, or at least I don’t remember if I did. I was too busy dorking it up trying to learn the words. 😉

  17. carrie

    oh god, that video – I had forgotten all about it!

    And yes, I had those dolls. Never did make the connection with the jesus holes though . . . I’m a little slow!

  18. Builder Mama

    Oh, oh, oh, I totally had the Donny and Marie dolls. I still have them wrapped up in a box somewhere in my attic, I think. Or at least I did until our last move. Those purple outfits…gah.

  19. Amber

    hot nerds rock.

  20. m e g

    LOL – oh my gosh – the White & Nerdy video was HYSTERICAL! Thanks for the laughs 😉

    I didn’t have the dolls but I had (and still have – somewhere) every single album Donny recorded! LOL!

    Still lovin’ the blog 🙂

  21. Flower Child

    We had those dolls! with the purple rag outfits. cool.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Alejna, I am not sure if I worded it right with “negative opinion.” I just don’t like him all that much, I guess. Nothing really against him, just not my thing.

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