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Interview with Together Pangea’s Danny: Growing Up But Still Having Fun

The band Together Pangea recently released their fourth LP, Bulls and Roosters, and for those paying attention – it sounds a bit different. Perhaps a little less punk and maybe more straight-up rock and roll? I chatted with bassist Danny Bengston about their evolution and all the venues they have played in Denver.

Where does the name come from? Pangea, like the continent?

Yeah, we were originally called just that. But when we were signed, the label made us change the name because there were so many trademarks on just that word. At the time, we had created a MySpace page called “togetherPANGEA” for the same reason – so many pangeas. But that’s what we went with for the name change.

You have been together for almost a decade, how have you changed over the years?

We didn’t used to use tuners, so we always played out of tune (laughs). No, honestly, in the past all we wanted to do is have fun and party. We liked to play but didn’t care how we sounded. But other people started to care, which forced us to care. It’s been about growing up and taking it more seriously. I do feel lucky that I still get do something I love with my friends, though.

When you say other people cared, do you mean the fans, the label, who?

The fans. The band.

Has the crowd changed over the years too?

Not really. The crowd still tends to be teens and early 20-somethings, so we try to make it an all-ages show when we can.

What is a show like?

Depends on the venues/crowd/city. But there is always lots of moshing, stage-diving. We’re a high-energy rock show.

How do you like Denver?

We have played there a lot over the years. Larimer, Hi-Dive, Bluebird, Summit. It’s a great city.  We’ll be back at Larimer Lounge on this tour.

How do you occupy yourselves while on tour?

Again, depends on the city and the tour. There is lots of FIFA and movies on the bus. The last time we were in Denver, we tried to go to a Rockies game but it got rained out. We also like to try local foods. I’ve had Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Wow. Well done you. So, what new bands do you love?

There are so many. White Reaper. No Parents. Twin Peaks. Kelsey Reckling has a great new song out right now.

Tell me about the new album.

We worked really hard on it and it took a lot longer than the others. It’s cleaner, less punk, more rock. In the past William (Keegan) wrote all the songs, and would present them to the band on an acoustic guitar and then we would work them out as a group. I have three songs on this album, but the process was the same.

Bulls and Roosters is available everywhere now and Together Pangea embarks on the U.S. leg of their tour next week. The Denver show is October 13th (ages 16+) and I hope to be there!

Together Pangea - Bulls and Roosters


Sept. 14 – San Diego, CA @ Irenic
Sept. 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey
Sept. 16 – Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse
Sept. 17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel
Sept. 19 – Austin, TX @ Stubbs Jr.
Sept. 20 – Dallas, TX @ Three Links
Sept. 21 – Houston, TX @ White Oak
Sept. 22 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
Sept. 23 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
Sept. 24 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
Sept. 26 – Nashville, TN @ The End
Sept. 27 – Carrboro NC @ Cats Cradle
Sept. 28 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro
Sept. 29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
Sept. 30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Oct. 01 – Boston, MA @ Sonia
Oct. 03 – Montreal, QC @ L’Esco
Oct. 04 – Toronto, ON @ Hardluck
Oct. 05 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s
Oct. 06 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
Oct. 07 – Madison, WI @ Frequency
Oct. 08 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry
Oct. 10 – St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
Oct. 11 – Ames, IA @ Maintenance Shop
Oct. 12 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
Oct. 13 – Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
Oct. 14 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
Oct. 16 – Seattle, WA @ Vera Project
Oct. 17 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
Oct. 18 – Portland, OR @ Analog Theater
Oct. 20 – Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
Oct. 21 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
Oct. 22 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Atrium

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