"It’s here! It’s here!"

That’s what Bryan said to me, in the voice of a little gurl (see my post about his vocal affliction) when the package came last night. The package from IzzyMom containing his shiny new coffee mug (I don’t drink coffee). The shiny new coffee mug I purchased for him so Izzy could hit her goal and donate money to charity. Totally worth the money to get Izzy to her goal, and even more so, to be able to post this photo on my blog this morning:

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  1. Oh, The Joys

    I am so jealous now.

  2. Anonymous

    That is hilarious!!!

  3. Tree

    That’s freaking awesome!!!

  4. Sue

    All he needs is an apron and a pair of pink fluffy slippers!

  5. nutmeg

    He’s almost as cute as that baby in the background.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know, nutmeg – wasn’t Declan the cutest little pudge??

  7. Sarah

    So, when does he start his Mommy Blog???

  8. Anonymous

    I love the expression on his face.

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